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Lauren: Project 2 Proposal

The movie I chose for my re-enactment is Life is Beautiful. I was actually battling between Life is Beautiful and the Lion King but I felt that Life is Beautiful resonated with me more as some of my family members were lost in the Holocaust as well. But the scene that I chose from this movie is one of the final scenes where the Nazis are losing the war and trying to destroy evidence by sending away all of the prisoners in the camps. While this is happening the main character, Guido, hides his son in a small mailbox (I think that's what it is...) while he tries to find his wife Dora in another part of the camp. He tells his son not to come out until everything is quiet and no one is around. After this, as he tries to find his wife, Guido is caught by one of the Nazi soldiers and is taken off to be shot. But as he walks off he passes by the mailbox with his son in it and does a funny march for his boy. Then Guido is taken around a corner and you hear a gunshot and then the soldier walks out alone. I find this scene so sad because of what these characters endured throughout the entire movie and then at the very end when they are about to be liberated Guido dies. I also love it because throughout the entire film Guido uses humor to help keep his son and himself alive and even until the very end Guido still uses humor with his funny march.

To re-enact this scene I think that I want to do it shot by shot and storyboard it out keeping as true to the movie as possible. The only thing is that the scene is quite long and involved and I want it mainly to show the father and son so I may consider limiting the re-enactment to part of the scene. As for the setting I will have it be pretty simple to the original because the film is set in the 40's it'll be hard for me to replicate exactly. I'm planning though on having the set be relatively dark with low lighting. I also will be shooting it outdoors with a lot of buildings around. For the mailbox that the boy hides in I may also replace it with a closet that he hides in. As for the costumes they will be dark and look shabbier. For the Nazi soldier I think wearing boots, the Nazi insignia, and a squirt gun would cover it. I haven't enlisted anyone to play the parts yet but I think that I would play the part of the boy. Sound will also be important especially with the sound of the gunshot but also I'm going to try and use sound to help develop the mood. This movie was really moving for me and I think that it will be challenging to try and recreate it without it being cheesy but I'm really looking forward to it.