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Project 2 Emily Proposal

For my second project I will be reproducing a scene from the film "I am Sam." The particular scene from this movie is about mid way through the film. Sam Dawson, a mentally retarded grown man, has a daughter with a beggar woman on the street. The woman leaves him and his daughter. Sam Dawson is obsessed with The Beetles and names his daughter Lucy Diamond, after the popular song written by the Beetles. The scene where Lucy is taken away from her father Sam is the scene which I will be reproducing. The entire movie made me cry, but since I have to pick one scene, this is the one.

In the scene, Lucy has reached the age of 7. She has a birthday party and becomes very angry with her father for embarrassing her in front of her friends. She lies and tries to act tough in front of some boys in her class who keep harassing her father by calling him a "retard." Lucy ends up yelling at her father Sam and Sam does not quite understand why she is acting in such a bi-polar way suddenly. Sam only wants his daughter to be happy, but Lucy is now reaching the level of intelligence that Sam will never pass. This makes Lucy become the caretaker of her own father, rather that it being the other way around. Sam is losing control of the situation in his life, and he begins to realize, slowly, that there is more to a relationship sometimes than simply love.