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Tyler Connolly Project #1

Media Mill Video

The stop-motion animation project for me was a little bit of a struggle. I never had a solid idea for what my project would be about when I first started shooting the images. It was much more difficult to try to input the trick and make a more interesting movie than taking pictures during a day at the University.

For my tricks I tried to incorporate the use of a normal occurrence, eating a slice of pizza, as a potential time travel activation and hazardous action. I also used the color of pictures to represent which images where the future coming back into the present and the color images acted as the present moving towards the future. It was interesting to try to make the images do as much of the talking as possible because making the movie say that the same person is moving forward and backwards at the same time can be quite difficult.

In the end, with time constraint and the inability to find a way for the images to speak for themselves, I added text to hopefully guide the viewer in the intended direction of the film, to look a little bit close at what we would call ordinary and try to think of ways that you can make your life more interesting!