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Tyler Connolly Project #2 Proposal

The scene from a movie that made me cry is the scene from Men of Honor, with Robert De Niro, as Chief Billy Sunday, and Cuba Gooding Jr., as Chief Carl Brashear, when after Chief Brashear’s leg was amputated and he is on trial to determine whether he can continue to be a Navy diver, Chief Sunday goes through the commands to prove that Chief Brashear can still with stand the physical difficulty associated with becoming a Navy diver.

I intend on approaching the remake by watching the scene multiple times and then filming the remake. This will hopefully show what parts I become most attached to emotionally and show how much the story can captivate a mind to the point that small details lay by the wayside while the impact of the moment takes control of the viewer.

I am thinking of playing all parts in the scene. This would be the easiest to not have to coordinate a large group of people to act in a courtroom setting. I think it would also show much more about the impact that the scene is having on me in how I act the parts of different characters in the scene.
For the diving suit I plan on using hunting waiters and possibly a motorcycle helmet. (I think this will look really cool!) As far as the location of the scene, I may have to shoot the scene closer to the characters in the remake than in the original film, unless I can develop a way to remake the look of a courtroom. The other thing I was thinking about doing is finding a way to reset the scene outside. It would obviously making location much easier, I would just have to find how to not make that look like a cop-out and incorporate that in some way into the remade scene.

It was originally hard to find a movie, much less a specific scene that made me cry because to be honest (no, it’s not that I don’t cry) I don’t watch all that many movies that would make someone cry (mostly action and comedy). I think I will have a lot of fun remaking the movie. I know it made my dad cry to when he first watched it. I might have to enlist him in being Chief Billy Sunday. He is a Minneapolis Fire Captain and pretty good at belting out orders…
For those of you that have never seen this movie, I found the scene on YouTube.com…