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November 26, 2008

Final Critique schedule

Monday, 15 December, 1:30 - 3:30
everything by 3:30 on this day: all writing, blog post and entries, and a dvd with all your work.

Final Critique Schedule

Monday, 8 December

Wednesday, 10 December


class wed?

Does anyone know for sure if we have class wed? I can't get the syllabus to download.

November 24, 2008

sources for artist research




A great Resouce for research and viewing artist work



Media Mill Video


Media Mill Video

Emily Project 3 Proposal

For my final project, I will be utilizing video, still image, and constant audio to create a dance music video. I will be dancing in the video along with other people which will give a diverse perspective of how people see dancing. One constant song will motivate the entire film, a song which I have not completely decided on, but will. Viewing various people interpret their own dance version to the song is my main goal. I want to show the viewer how many different ways people can reflect their inner emotions through movement when provoked by the same sounds. I am inspired by dance and music, so I want to give others the chance to feel the sensation I get when provoked by musical influence. The video will be up-beat and energizing.

The video will have a title, as if it were a music video being presented on television. I will have all of my footage shot by Nov. 26th, though since I have been sick it might be a day or two longer than planned.
I am shooting myself, friends, family, and random people who are willing to cooperate and help me. I play a song either out loud for everyone to hear, or through an ipod for the individual to hear. Then I record their movements and compile all of the various footage together to correspond to the one common song. The overall look of the video is to capture a work similar to those seen on the MTV music videos. I am using music as my main audio because I feel it is my most successful way of drawing emotion out of most viewers.

I will have all of my footage shot and ready for rough draft reviews by monday Dec. 1st. Once I have added final touches and editing to the overall work, I will be set and ready for critique on Dec. 10th.
This project excites me.

November 20, 2008

Lauren Visiting Artist Response

This past Thursday I went to listen to the visiting artist Allison Smith. Smith focuses her art surrounding the American Civil War and really gets her inspiration from that time period. She mainly makes her art related to the Civil War because of her background and how she grew up. In her household, she describes her parents as fulfilling the traditional and stereotypical roles with her mother being more domestic creating crafts such as candy making whereas her father worked more with tools in the garage and even worked for the government creating spy weapons. Growing up in this environment Smith also became creative and worked with crafts herself. Her work with the Civil War also stems from the fact that she grew up in Virginia and her family took her to many Civil War sites and reenactments. Smith also mentioned that she makes this kind of art because she had Civil War guilt as some of her ancestors were involved in instigating the war itself. With this in mind Smith’s working methods involve studying a history as well as using her personal history. Smith also likes to work with space and she enjoys when one can interact within the space. When making her art she uses a wide range of mediums including textile, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, basket weaving, weaving, metal work, wheat weaving, and many others. Though she mainly works with textiles and crafts, she also specified that she has the desire to learn many other different types of media including knitting.

Smith’s work involves looking at a history and she incorporates her own history and experience as well. She attempts to explore the past, her own past, but also is able to incorporate the public as well. Smith does this by creating spaces that the public can interact with and participate with whether they simply walk through the space or interact with the art itself. One of her pieces was a muster where each artist created a costume and a tent in response to her question “what are you fighting for?. With this specific piece Smith was able to take a personal question and an historical past and share it with a wider audience enabling the wider art world to personalize the question and her piece.

One comment that Smith made during her presentation that stuck with me was that she says she starts with her art thinking about her personal life and experience but then when she presents it, it grows into a group dynamic and enables others to personalize it and take it beyond what Smith had begun with. For me this really resonated because I think that for many artists their work is so personal and the viewer has a hard time relating to the work and making it their own. However, with Smith’s work the audience is able to interact and even participate in interpreting the work in their own way like with the muster in New York.

Overall, I really enjoyed her presentation. I didn't know what to expect just from the brief description on the blog. I didn't know how she worked with the Civil War period but she certainly made it very interesting for me. Another interesting aspect of her presentation was how she made connections with so many artists and craftspeople around the world who were able to teach her dying crafts. Smith is certainly the "jack of all trades and the master of none".

November 19, 2008

Kaonhou Project 3 Proposal

I have yet to actually go through all the way with what I've proposed for the previous projects, so I'm determined to make this final project work. Throughout this semester, I really wanted to play around with green screening, and this open final project seems like the perfect opportunity. The idea behind this project is how we reconstruct our memories.

The movie would start with my cousins (and possibly me) sitting and hanging around in a circle just talking about the good old days--our childhood. We will focus on one memory that we all shared and retell it. As the memory is being retold, the scene will fade into the memory. The beginning of the memory will include some narration brought over from "real time" and eventually fade away as the memory comes to life. The memory will also begin with very minimal props, and the background will actually be showing the tacky green screen. The memory will be reenacted by my cousins dressed as kids in the early 90s. Every now and then, someone from real time will interrupt the memory and change it by adding/taking things out of the memory. Instead of having things magically appear or disappear, I plan to have the person who made the change go into the memory physically and change it themselves.

I have not yet picked out which memory to reenact, but I will figure that out by the end of the week and start shooting the memory scenes this weekend. For the rest of the week, I will be going over home videos and photographs and picking out which ones to use for the background. I will also be storyboarding this project shot for shot, which worked very well for me in the previous project.

All the shots and audio should be finished no later than November 26th, and the project should be ready for rough draft reviews by December 1st.

November 17, 2008

Emmanuel Project 3

I have already finished most of the filming for my project, but here is what I had proposed:

For my final project I would like to do a humorous movie, a "mock-u-mentary" of two experimental film makers. The movie will involve sections of interviews, clips of their films, and sections of them at work. The proposed style would be that of public access television, which is one of my favorite things to watch. I really enjoy the lo-fi look and feel of these television specials, which always seem to embody someone's passion for producing, but without the proper budgets.

I am planning to shoot with two of my friends, with one as the interviewer and the other one as well as myself as the filmmakers. I will draft an outline of a script, but I believe that we will try to ad-lib the dialog for a more natural rhythm. I will also shoot various "Experimental" films with both of my friends, as well as a few more serious ones alone. This way I will be able to explore not only the funny, documentary style of film making, but also the creative process of making artistic films (although I will later be poking fun at these films).

I plan on shooting most if not all of my footage by Nov. 19th, and beginning to edit together a rough version of the movie, hopefully to be done by the 21st or 22nd. I also want to create a section of opening credits for a fake "Art News" public access show. After this is assembled I will have my friend record the voiceovers for the movie, do any additional editing that is required, and then be ready to show the movie by December 10th.

Emmanuel Visiting Artist Write-Up

I did not attend a visiting artist lecture due to work conflicts but was able to meet with an artist at the Walker Art Center.

The artist I was fortunate enough to meet was Alberto Pesavento, although he was limited in the time that he had. He briefly explained that he is a writer who got involved with Tomas Saraceno in a sculpture/balloon titled "Museo Aerosolar," or "Flying Museum." Tomas Saraceno is an artist known for making balloon structures and sculptures, one of which was recently included at the Walker Art Center's "Brave New Worlds" exhibition.

Tomas Saraceno and Alberto Pesavento's current project is a giant solar-powered balloon created with recycled plastic bags and packing tape. I was drafted into cutting these donated bags for them with a couple of other Walker interns. The process includes sorting old plastic bags into different sizes, then cutting them into single paneled squares. These are then distributed to the community so that they can draw or paint on the balloons, and lastly assembled by the two artists with clear packing tape.

At first when I was introduced to the project I was not very impressed. I didn't really see anything amazing or innovating in creating a solar powered balloon. However, after talking to Pesavento I understood that the project from the artist's perspective was not so much about the actual balloon, but rather about the communities that were being brought together not only by the construction of the balloon, but also by the traveling nature of the balloon. The artists enjoy working with very small communities to involve everyone in the art project, and through this one artistic goal bring the community together. They also enjoy giving communities without very many resources an outlet with which to express themselves, and a way to share their personal message around the world. The project also creates awareness around recycling and pollution, and Saraceno has said he wants solar powered balloons to be a mode of transportation in the future, to cut down on greenhouse gasses by decreasing plane travel. I personally think this will never really be viable, but more power to him.

While talking about how much he enjoyed being in a small community in Israel, I asked Pesavento what he thought about working with an institution such as the Walker for the latest installment of Museo Aerosolar. He responded by telling me it was difficult to transition from a project which has no funding and was for the common people, to one that is now recognized internationally and is more about the audience rather than the participants. I was interested to hear this because it seems by shifting the focus and the process of the project that the vital and most interesting parts, which were bringing together disenfranchised communities and developing a sense of cooperation, have been lost. Therefore the project collapses into just a massive solar balloon, which is not nearly as interesting as the interpersonal relationships it was helping to foster.

Overall, Pesavento was kind and seemed genuine about his work. Saraceno was also supposed to meet with us, but he failed to show for the third time, which makes me think he's a flake. It was nice to be able to clarify the purpose of Museo Aerosolar and to get a deeper understanding into the motivation of a working artist.

dane - project 3 proposal

For my third project I want to explore the relationship between typography and our environment. The video will consist of the construction, placement and documentation of large, self made typographical elements in our everyday environment.

The typographical elements will be made out of reinforced cardboard created by myself and hopefully arranged with the help of several friends. Im trying to explore the relationship between different types of signage and their impact on the receiver, and even the message itself. The message will be documented from different angles and different times of the day. The message, or possibly several will be taken from writings that I have come across and deem usable. these could vary from humorous, personal, or environmental maxims that are relevant.

As far as a timeline goes, I should have all my rough material on Dec. 1st, this is a fairly rough estimate, but weather permitting this a feasible deadline.

Lauren Project 3 Proposal

For my last project I'm still developing the idea but I thought I would bring the themes of my projects full circle and reenact a scene from a Charlie Chaplin film. I'm not sure which film or scene I would like to reenact but I am going to approach it by trying to be as true to the film as possible by doing it shot by shot. I also want it to have the same feel as the original film so it will all be in black and white, have inter-titles, and a soundtrack. One aspect that is going to be difficult is that the film relies very heavily on acting and I am not sure who will be acting in the film - if I will myself or some of my friends. I'm still figuring that part out. In this project I also wanted to focus and develop my skills with using sound. I figured by using a silent film I would really have to work with sound in order to bring out the acting and story.

For a timeline I am planning on shooting this coming weekend and possibly during that week. I am also planning on having my rough draft review for December 1st. Hopefully by planning to have more days for shooting I will be able to have more footage and be able to play around with it more. I am still developing my ideas and what I want to do but I plan that by this weekend I will have a storyboard of the scene I will shoot.

November 16, 2008

Tyler Project 3 Proposal

For my third project I will present the open ended question: What is art? I will attempt to present the many different forms that art can take as well as the variety of places that art can be found. I know that this is a very broad topic but that is my point. I would like to present that art can be and is apart of every aspect of life.

My inspiration for this idea came from the visiting artist lecture on November 13th; Allison Smith. Allison used the question What are you fighting for to include others in her art. I like the idea of using a more broad question to explore each aspect of the topic to see how great of an influence that topic has on the world and society. I would like to experiment with a mix of video and still images. Sound will be a part of this project.

My tiemline for this project will be to have all images shot by 11/26, to have a rough draft review either 12/1 or 12/3 and then class critiques either 12/8 or 12/10. I wanted to give myself extra time to have all of my images shot because as I started to think of what I could include for answers to my question, they slowly kept coming to me all night long. I would like to make sure that if anything else comes to me over the course of the next couple weeks that I will have sufficient time to incorporate that into my project.

I hope that this project will broaden my views on arts reach into the world. I have always been one to think that there is the world and then there is art and that there is not much of a mix (possibly due to my straight-line, business thinking). What I would like to get out of this project is more of a sense of how many different aspects of life art can be found in.

November 15, 2008

Tyler Visting Artist Resonse

Visiting Artist Response

Date - 11/13/2008
Time - 7:00p
Artist - Allison Smith

Allison Smith has worked with almost all types of media including ceramics, textiles, printmaking, but most often sculptures. Growing up, Allison lived in North Virginia, just outside of the Washington D.C. suburbs; she now resides in Oakland California. As a child, Allison grew up exposed to arts and crafts through both her mother and father. Her mother, as she described her, was an early Martha Stewart and loved making things involving quilting, needle point work, wreath making, and stenciling. Her father was also crafty in the sense that he loved making things such as kites, model airplanes and trains. Overall Allison had a very creative childhood environment and one that would foster a more hands on approach to art.

The Civil War was a very heavy theme for Allison as a child. She attended re-enactments, country fairs, toured historic houses, and attended living history museums. Allison even has family history ties to the Civil War; two of her ancestors signed for the succession of South Carolina from the union, arguably what can be blamed for the official start of the Civil War. Allison is very drawn to the amount of detail in war re-enactments, saying that “detail is almost an obsession.?

Her first major project that she introduced was the musters of 2004 and 2005. The first was held at a fellow artists Pennsylvania farm, while the second took place on the Governor’s Island in New York. These musters had participants answer the questions, what are you fighting for? The theme of having herself as well as the public live within her work is very strong in almost all of Allison’s work. The muster cannot happen without public participation, just as she uses her sculptures of firearms and others to put herself into her art.

One statement that she made was regarding a fellow artist who is a basket weaver. He said, “If I show my work at a gallery or sell my basket, my studio would become a factory and I would become a machine.? I was very intrigued by this comment. It has a very powerful meaning in this capitalist society in which we all live. The first thought that came to my mind was that this artist/artisan thought of capitalism as selling your soul to the devil. I then realized that I may have been reading to much into the statement and that the artist/artisan could have very well been so passionate about the intricacy of his work that should he ever be forced to make baskets strictly for sale, he would lose that passion. I find that this attitude can also be projected upon Allison’s works. The other comment that she made that was very interesting is that she thought of herself as a jack of all trades but a master of none. I think that this can definitely tie into her role in most of her art as the author or producer (especially seen in the musters) that she has a great appreciation for all trades enough that she would never want to push one aside to focus on just one.

The presentation was very interesting to say the least. I have come to the opinion that Allison’s greatest pleasure in art is to get a sense of how people interpret her creations. I think that is the basis for almost everything she has worked on. The muster allows every participant to interpret the question, what are you fighting for, in their own manner. On more than one occasion during the presentation Allison made the comment that she wished that she could get more of an incite into the reactions and views of the audience to get a better sense of what the public was getting out of her sculptures and works after putting so much personal touch into every aspect of her creations.

November 12, 2008

Brett Westgor: Project 3 Proposal

For my third project, I am going to film a friend pretending to have a normal day. I'm going to film her getting up from bed in the morning, eating breakfast, and doing what she considers a "normal" during the week. The title of the film will most likely be "A day in the life of Mandy." I want to create a form of dry humor as she goes about her awkward day. I'm going to have her talk to the camera and explain herself as she moves forward in the day. Ill give her a fake job and have her interact with random people. I haven't yet written out the whole sketch but I don't want to give the story away too much as it is. I will be filming for an entire day next week and should have the footage shot by the 19th of November. I had a problem with with lighting in my last video and I'm hoping to get that resolved for this film. I'm excited for how this video is going to turn out and ill try to remember to add on to this proposal as I continue to create the video.

emmanuel final project proposal

For my final project I am planning on filming a mock-u-mentary about two experimental film artists. I am planning on writing and starring in one of the lead roles, along with one of my friends. The reason I am approaching the project this way is so that I can both work with the traditional narrative aka the documentary, as well as create experimental films or segments of them to show intermittently throughout the fake documentary. I like the idea of tying the two together through a documentary format in order to make one cohesive project. This way I can both explore film & video as an art medium, but also as a story telling medium. I plan on writing a script with my friend, then creating the different "experimental" films the two characters create, and then filming us recreating these films. I would like the over all tone to be funny, but also to be of high quality. Not so much a schticky Youtube video, but more along the lines of "First in Show" or something like that.

For my schedule I plan on writing the rough draft and hopefully final draft of the script Nov. 12th-17th, then start filming the creation of the experimental films Nov. 19th. I will then film the "documentary" interviews on the 22nd or 23rd. Hopefully by the 24th I will be able to start editing my film together and achieve a rough cut. I will schedule my rough draft review for Dec. 1st, continue editing and add the soundtrack for the movie. I am shooting for between 10 and 15 minutes for the final movie.

November 10, 2008

contemporary art and the documentary form

The films of Marine Hugonnier

Rosalind Nashashibi’s films


Cameron Jamie

on the documentary form

Emily project 2 rough draft reviews

For the peer rough draft reviews, I received a lot of positive feedback. A few alterations with the timing and transformation between scenes was advised, but for the most part it was enjoyed. I showed the original scene after I showed them my recreation, and this helped in allowing for a more critical feedback from them. Most of all, the acting and personification of the characters in the scene was pointed out as very successful. Also, the music being played in the background to set the mood really acted as a wonderful aide in connecting the viewer to the emotional value of the scene I had created.

As for my impression of the works which I reviewed, I felt that there could have been a little bit more refined scene comparison and interaction. Meaning, the works were not totally finished to the point where I could really understand what type of emotion was supposed to be captured.

Jordain Project Three Proposal

I would like to make a movie or an animation about "a Day in My Life." I will create this project by having it filmed or animated in a Black and White early cinema/animation style. I have the musical track already selected and I have been coming up with ideas for the general story. Although I do not have the entire story worked out yet I have the concept and basic plot together. I plan to either begin filming or animate by the end of the week. The characters in the project will be played by those who I see in my day to day life. There will be no speaking through out the project, characters will either act out the story through dramatized suggestive movements or they will be animated as such. This is as much as I can say about the project at this time, but I will continue developing my ideas so that I can begin working in a few days time.

November 6, 2008

Amy Project 3 Proposal

I envision my final project being a combination of a tribute, documentary, and social action piece. First, it serves as a tribute piece to my mom. It will show her incredible strength and bravery. Second, it serves as a documentary by focusing on her experience with ovarian cancer. Third, it serves as a social action piece by providing a moral and action message to the viewer. I really wanted to have my final project be related to cancer. Cancer is a widespread and devastating disease. Whether it’s through survivorship or knowing someone with cancer, it touches each and every one of us. Cancer has not only affected my family, it has also been a part of my professional experience. I am currently an intern at the Children’s Cancer Research Fund. Through that experience, I have been able to see the importance of awareness and knowledge when dealing with the disease. Finally, I wanted to use this final project as an opportunity to both experiment with mixing video and images, as well as use text.

I will begin approaching this project by using a storyboard. This will let me determine which pictures to incorporate and what points of her story to hit on. I consider this a significant part of the project as a story such as this can be extremely detailed or bare bones; I feel it is important to find the appropriate balance. My initial thought for the location is a simple black background. I want the focus to be only on her. I would like to try and experiment with different lighting so the black background material is not too obvious and distracting. Additionally, I am thinking of using straight-on, medium close up shots during the interview. Sound will also be incorporated. I feel sound is a great emotive element and will be vital in this project. I am going to try and avoid music with words however. That way, the music will not be competing with my mom’s story and message. In order to get good quality, I am considering a clip-on microphone. Finally, I want the overall piece to be shorter time-wise. I like the idea of it being shorter so the impact will be direct and quick.

In terms of an overall timeline, I aim to have my material shot and ready for a rough draft review by November 24.

November 5, 2008


Media Mill Video

Emmanuel Mauleon Project 2

Media Mill Video

My initial project proposal was to re-shoot a scene from Forrest Gump. Unfortunately, Netflix couldn't get their act together, so it never arrived in the mail.

The scene I then fell back on was one of the two I had originally been thinking about remaking, which which Luke Wilson's haircut/attempted suicide from the movie "The Royal Tenenbaums." Aside from the obvious emotional gravity of a suicide scene, this scene took me by surprise when I originally watched the movie as I had recently had two friends who had tried to commit suicide. Therefore this scene has stuck in my head not only because of the original content, but the subtext within my life. Another reason this scene has stuck in my mind was the use of Elliott Smith's "Needle in the Hay" for the soundtrack, who is a favorite artist of mine who has also committed suicide. I don't know how many more frowns I can inspire right now, so let's move on.

I had some initial apprehension to remaking this scene as I thought it would be emotionally challenging, but actually it was quite fun trying to figure out some of the challenges I faced in shooting. One of the first challenges was trying to get the quality of light to be similar to that of the original scene. I shot my remake at night, and tried very hard to create the daylight and blue-light that is apparent in the original. After about an hour of setting up lights and switching out the gels, I was able to get a similar quality of light. However, this was completely undone by my inability to figure out how to take off the auto-white balance on my camera, which kept switching between the outdoor and indoor setting. Luckily, this mistake helped me to figure out how to do color-correction in Final Cut, which allowed me to fix this mistake in post production.

Another challenge was finding a way to set up the shots in the bathroom, which I imagine is smaller than the set they had for the movie. I had to build a temporary tripod platform on my toilet out of textbooks and cardboard, which at the time was frustrating but thinking back on it was actually fun trying to problem solve in order to achieve the correct angles.

Lastly, I tried very hard to mimic Luke Wilson's movements so that later in editing I would be able to try and replicate a shot for shot remake. This became difficult when I realized I did not have a Grizzlyman style beard. So I faked it.

After I did my initial cut I met with Jordain and she agreed with me that I should do some color correction, and supported the idea of using the original footage of the bird/bus montage in my project. This was helpful in getting me on the right track toward taking my project to a final, finished look.

I happen to really enjoy the process of editing, which I think I carry over from musical editing and mixing. I enjoy the repetition of reviewing a project over and over until you get the "feel" of the scene right. I enjoyed trying to make my scene look as close to the original as I could, including the effects, and for one part using a piece of the original footage chopped into my project.

Overall I feel like I learned a lot about editing, about setting up lights, about problem solving, and about the amount of work that really goes into creating a well crafted movie scene. The end result is something I am very proud of.

November 3, 2008

Jonathon Robbins Project 2

My initial concept for my second project involved some half lampoons / rehashes of classic movies that were sad. The three movies that I changed were Old Man and the Sea, Unbreakable, and Edward Scissorshands. I planned on tying these scenes together by placing them in the setting of a public TV station, aka my garage.

The scenes where to be acted out by me in all of the roles, and I planed on writing my own dialog with some ab libbing. The first scene, Old Man and the Sea, involved a young boy asking the old man from the novel to go fishing. Sadly the old man has become depressing and rather unfriendly, a tearful twist on the original.

The second scene of Unbreakable, with Bruce Willis, serves as a ridiculous middle ground for the three scenes. Using quoted Hamlet and a lamenting character.

After those scenes the film is finished with a recreated scene from Edward Scissorshands, during a discussion between a fan and his hedges. The fan warns Edward to not over work his piece, but Edward does not listen and the hedge, which they are discussing, is cut beyond repair. This storyline is meant to serve as a shot at my last piece which lost some emotion after I feel I overworked it, and is meant to also draw contrast between overworking a piece when this piece obviously wasn't.

Jonathon Robbins Project 1

Media Mill Video

Jordain Project 2 Write Up

Arts 1601: Time and Interactivity
Project 2
Jordain K. Chinander

For my second project I decided to re-enact a scene from the Land Before Time. As a child this movie always seemed to make me cry and as I have found it continues to do so. This was an interesting film to re-enact for me for two reasons. The first reason is that it was a challenge for me to act a scene from a cartoon in real life. The second reason was that it was such an emotional movie for me.

As a child the Land Before Time was a movie that always made me cry because it triggered fears I had of losing my mother. I find funny enough that even today when I watch this cartoon it still brings me to tears. I wonder why I still after so many years harbor my same childhood fears in one way or another.

I chose to re-enact this scene originally with my mother, however she was always traveling and so I ultimately decided to act it out on my own. I found it was strange to act a scene from a cartoon in real life, so I chose to tackle this roadblock by focusing on my voice similarity rather than on my costume or set.

Another thing that was tough for me was the emotional trigger acting out the scene presented. I found that I kept starting to cry while acting it out. In the end however, I used that raw emotion to push my characters and act the scene out more honestly. I found my emotions to be a help rather hindrance.

I really enjoyed this project and I learned a great deal doing it. It was completely different from the first project and I look forward to begging the third project to see what fun challenges it will present.


The Peer Review

I really found having a peer review session before submission to be very helpful. It was really beneficial for me to have my fellow class mates give me their own personal critiques of my movie before I handed it in because it gave me the opportunity to make small changes before the final critique. I would like to continue working in this manner for my final project. I will probably ask some of my peers to look at my work in progress for the final project before I submit the final version. A mixture of small group and large class critiques of my work would be helpful other classes as well, perhaps I will suggest this method to other teachers in the future.

Media Mill Video

Lauren Project 2

Media Mill Video

Tyler Project 2 Final

Media Mill Video

For my second project, I remade the shark week clip from Step Brothers featuring Will Ferrell and John C. Riley. I recruited my friends John, who played Brennan Huff, Ben, who played Dale Doback, and Ben mom Kristen, who played Nancy Huff, as well as my friend Scott and my brother Brent to help with filming.

When going through the peer rough draft reviews, I felt fairly comfortable that I had accomplished all that I had wanted to. Amy was the only other person in our group that was in class on Wednesday. From what I could gather, I think that she liked the video and thought that it was funny. Her suggestion was to make sure that although the clip needs to be fast in some places, not to make it too fast. It was very neat to be able to bounce ideas and get input from classmates who might be going through similar problems or be able to share what they have done to solve those problems. Amy showed me how to play with the sound of each clip to make different pieces loud while making other sound clips softer.

The project turned out well. I spent at least 1 hour on the lighting and when I reviewed my footage, I realized that in some of the clips which I wasn’t doing the filming, that there was either a bright spot or in one clip even a piece of equipment in the upper right hand corner. The room that we used, although big, had many corners and was hard to light and get good camera angles. I think that I was able to do well with my surroundings.

I think that the best part about this project and picking a video that made me cry due to laughter is that it was very hard to get a full shot done without laughing and having to start the shot over again. Remaking a comedic scene was a lot of fun for me and my friends that made this to the point that there is almost a 3 minute stretch of film on my tape that is us laughing, trying to be serious about filming the scene again but then starting to laugh again. It was AWESOME!

Brett Westgor Project 2

Media Mill Video

Project two was a much more difficult challenge then I had expected it to be. I had a hard time trying to remember a movie that made me cry. After a few days of thinking, I still hadn’t come up with anything good. I then decided that instead of doing a movie that made me cry from being sad, I could re-create a movie that made me cry from laughter. I instantly had a few good ideas pop into my head. I asked some of my friends if they had any suggestions for a funny scene. Most people named scenes from movies like “Superbad? or “Knocked Up.? Seeing as most of the scenes from those movies were too inappropriate for the class, I thought of a scene from Dumb and Dumber that always used to make me laugh. Dumb and Dumber is about two loser friends who travel to Aspin together in search of a girl. The scene I remade was near the beginning of the movie when someone breaks into their house and kills their pet parakeet. The two main characters (Harry and Lloyd), think that the birds head fell off on its own because he was really old.
Filming this video was hard because I really wanted to recreate the set the best I could. It took me a few hours to set everything up and find clothes to match the characters. I placed around six or seven lights in the room to get a better lighting. I found it very difficult that I couldn’t get the right lighting I was searching for. I also I a hard time adjusting the focus of the camera with the lighting of the room. Yet, I spent hours and hours doing everything I could to make it work the best it would. I had already watched the scene a good 15-20 times and wrote down all the dialogue. I found an over-acting friend to play the part of Lloyd while I played the part of Harry. The acting was hard at first but the more we did it, the better it became. The only other problem I had up to that point were the different shots because every time I moved the camera, I had to change the lighting and re-focus picture. Although, by the end of the night I was relieved that I had finished shooting project two.
The video took me a full day and night to shoot but the editing only took me around 5 hours. During the group interviews, I felt I got a great deal of suggestions and opinions on my video from Emily. I also gave her a few suggestions and loved the way her video was shot. I felt the group interviews helped a lot because I could see how other people were progressing as well as how their video turned out in the end. I feel like I learned a lot more from this project and I’m excited to start the next one.

Lauren Project 2

For this project I had picked to reenact a scene from Life is Beautiful. The scene is towards the end of the film when the main character, Guido, hides his son, Giosue (Joshua), from the Nazis in a box. Guido then runs off and ends up being caught by a Nazi and taken off to be shot. I had chosen this scene because not only for the loss of Guido, but for the relationship between him and his son and the many sacrifices he went through to protect him. Guido protected him not only physically but emotionally as well through the use of humor. I really love how humor is used in this film; how Guido tells his son that the Nazis and concentration camp is just a game and he has to play along in order to win the prize at the end. What is really touching for me in this scene, however, is even when Guido knows he is going to die he still entertains his son with a funny march. And when making this reenactment I wanted the humor but also the feeling of reassurance and comfort that Guido gives Giosue during that final encounter.

When first starting the project, my intention was to shoot it as real to the movie as I could. However, once I began shooting I realized that would be very difficult to get all of the exact shots especially with my location. So I abandoned that and made a shorter version that hopefully still gets the emotion across. One of the major issues that I ran into was that of lighting. In the original film the scene was at night and everything was very dark. I attempted to shoot later in the day right before sunset so there would still be a little light. It turned out a bit brighter than I would have liked but I think that it still works. One advantage of working at sunset was that it gave me some nice shadows and interesting lighting. For one part the lighting works as a natural spotlight on Guido. After shooting and beginning to edit I found I had some continuity issues with my shots and some eyeline shots didn't match up. So I reshot some of the scenes but had a very difficult time because the lighting didn't match and it was very difficult to position the camera in the same spots. When going back to editing I only used audio from the second shoot.

The peer rough draft review was very helpful as well. It was nice to get some other opinions because after working with the footage for so long you start to miss things that could be better. One of the suggestions was that I should play with the filters to make the scene look a bit darker to be more true to the movie and to get more emotional impact. I really liked that suggestion and played around with the filters but I think I need more practice because everything turned out a bit blue and the colors of the shots didn't really match each other. In the end I took off the filters but I think it would have been good if I just practice a bit more. But I really liked the peer review - it was very helpful to have fresh eyes look at my project and it was helpful to see theirs too because I got to see the techniques they used and their process of filming.

November 2, 2008

Emily Project 2

I chose to remake the first minute of scene 16 from the movie "I am Sam." The scene depicts a little girl, named Lucy, and her mentally retarded father, Sam, embracing in a hug which is then ripped apart by the outsiders who are trying to make their relationship as father and daughter exist as simply a title.
A shadow and blue screen filter lighting affect were some techniques that I used in re-creating the imagery. I picked this scene because I feel there is alot of emotion in it.

The entire scene which I shot consists of sixteen different shots. The method I used to re-create the scene was a shot-by-shot filming. Each scene was carefully examined on youtube and then the appropriate alterations and visuals were manipulated by me to try to represent the best possible re-creation of the scene using background, characters, shot-angle, and acting. I played the little girl Lucy for the entire scene, although for a few shots, a prop was used in my place when I was acting as another character. In order to create the illusion that "sam" was still hugging a little girl, I chose to utilize a body pillow by dressing it in the sweatshirt I was wearing. The trick was fairly successful and thus, I was satisfied. I also played the part of Sam's lawyer, who basically observes the emotional episode of sam and lucy. She stands behind Sam as a comfort and also to represent that she is on his side. My friend Nathan Barnes played the role of Sam. While my other friend Lena Ranallo played the role of the community care taker who was in charge of Lucy.
I chose to shoot the majority of the film in front of a window, just like it was done in the movie itself. I figured this would give me the most desired effect for recreation. I found this method very successful as well. I also found that as the scene moved progressed, the timing between shots became less, giving the sense of an acceleration. This acceleration added to the emotion represented by a conflict, which was exactly the case in the scene. The blue lighting also aided in creating a dreary mood for the piece. I simply did this by altering the filter color for the entire footage.
I chose this scene for two main reasons. The first being that it was very emotional and it did make me cry and feel extreme sensations of sadness. The second reason was that there were no verbal noises or audio other than the music being played in the background. I felt that this was extremely successful in creating the sadness. I also was pleased with this effect because it made the scene display more of a seriousness since the actors did not have to speak. I think that the speaking would have created the illusion for mockery or humor, which was not at all a desired affect for me.
Overall, I am amazed and pleased with the result of my scene recreation. I couldn't have done it without the help of my friends since I was pretty sick at the time too. If I was to redo the project, I don't think there's anything I would change except for maybe finding one more actor so that all the roles could remain constant and singular.