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Amy Project 3 Proposal

I envision my final project being a combination of a tribute, documentary, and social action piece. First, it serves as a tribute piece to my mom. It will show her incredible strength and bravery. Second, it serves as a documentary by focusing on her experience with ovarian cancer. Third, it serves as a social action piece by providing a moral and action message to the viewer. I really wanted to have my final project be related to cancer. Cancer is a widespread and devastating disease. Whether it’s through survivorship or knowing someone with cancer, it touches each and every one of us. Cancer has not only affected my family, it has also been a part of my professional experience. I am currently an intern at the Children’s Cancer Research Fund. Through that experience, I have been able to see the importance of awareness and knowledge when dealing with the disease. Finally, I wanted to use this final project as an opportunity to both experiment with mixing video and images, as well as use text.

I will begin approaching this project by using a storyboard. This will let me determine which pictures to incorporate and what points of her story to hit on. I consider this a significant part of the project as a story such as this can be extremely detailed or bare bones; I feel it is important to find the appropriate balance. My initial thought for the location is a simple black background. I want the focus to be only on her. I would like to try and experiment with different lighting so the black background material is not too obvious and distracting. Additionally, I am thinking of using straight-on, medium close up shots during the interview. Sound will also be incorporated. I feel sound is a great emotive element and will be vital in this project. I am going to try and avoid music with words however. That way, the music will not be competing with my mom’s story and message. In order to get good quality, I am considering a clip-on microphone. Finally, I want the overall piece to be shorter time-wise. I like the idea of it being shorter so the impact will be direct and quick.

In terms of an overall timeline, I aim to have my material shot and ready for a rough draft review by November 24.