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Brett Westgor Project 2

Media Mill Video

Project two was a much more difficult challenge then I had expected it to be. I had a hard time trying to remember a movie that made me cry. After a few days of thinking, I still hadn’t come up with anything good. I then decided that instead of doing a movie that made me cry from being sad, I could re-create a movie that made me cry from laughter. I instantly had a few good ideas pop into my head. I asked some of my friends if they had any suggestions for a funny scene. Most people named scenes from movies like “Superbad? or “Knocked Up.? Seeing as most of the scenes from those movies were too inappropriate for the class, I thought of a scene from Dumb and Dumber that always used to make me laugh. Dumb and Dumber is about two loser friends who travel to Aspin together in search of a girl. The scene I remade was near the beginning of the movie when someone breaks into their house and kills their pet parakeet. The two main characters (Harry and Lloyd), think that the birds head fell off on its own because he was really old.
Filming this video was hard because I really wanted to recreate the set the best I could. It took me a few hours to set everything up and find clothes to match the characters. I placed around six or seven lights in the room to get a better lighting. I found it very difficult that I couldn’t get the right lighting I was searching for. I also I a hard time adjusting the focus of the camera with the lighting of the room. Yet, I spent hours and hours doing everything I could to make it work the best it would. I had already watched the scene a good 15-20 times and wrote down all the dialogue. I found an over-acting friend to play the part of Lloyd while I played the part of Harry. The acting was hard at first but the more we did it, the better it became. The only other problem I had up to that point were the different shots because every time I moved the camera, I had to change the lighting and re-focus picture. Although, by the end of the night I was relieved that I had finished shooting project two.
The video took me a full day and night to shoot but the editing only took me around 5 hours. During the group interviews, I felt I got a great deal of suggestions and opinions on my video from Emily. I also gave her a few suggestions and loved the way her video was shot. I felt the group interviews helped a lot because I could see how other people were progressing as well as how their video turned out in the end. I feel like I learned a lot more from this project and I’m excited to start the next one.