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Brett Westgor: Project 3 Proposal

For my third project, I am going to film a friend pretending to have a normal day. I'm going to film her getting up from bed in the morning, eating breakfast, and doing what she considers a "normal" during the week. The title of the film will most likely be "A day in the life of Mandy." I want to create a form of dry humor as she goes about her awkward day. I'm going to have her talk to the camera and explain herself as she moves forward in the day. Ill give her a fake job and have her interact with random people. I haven't yet written out the whole sketch but I don't want to give the story away too much as it is. I will be filming for an entire day next week and should have the footage shot by the 19th of November. I had a problem with with lighting in my last video and I'm hoping to get that resolved for this film. I'm excited for how this video is going to turn out and ill try to remember to add on to this proposal as I continue to create the video.