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Emily Project 2

I chose to remake the first minute of scene 16 from the movie "I am Sam." The scene depicts a little girl, named Lucy, and her mentally retarded father, Sam, embracing in a hug which is then ripped apart by the outsiders who are trying to make their relationship as father and daughter exist as simply a title.
A shadow and blue screen filter lighting affect were some techniques that I used in re-creating the imagery. I picked this scene because I feel there is alot of emotion in it.

The entire scene which I shot consists of sixteen different shots. The method I used to re-create the scene was a shot-by-shot filming. Each scene was carefully examined on youtube and then the appropriate alterations and visuals were manipulated by me to try to represent the best possible re-creation of the scene using background, characters, shot-angle, and acting. I played the little girl Lucy for the entire scene, although for a few shots, a prop was used in my place when I was acting as another character. In order to create the illusion that "sam" was still hugging a little girl, I chose to utilize a body pillow by dressing it in the sweatshirt I was wearing. The trick was fairly successful and thus, I was satisfied. I also played the part of Sam's lawyer, who basically observes the emotional episode of sam and lucy. She stands behind Sam as a comfort and also to represent that she is on his side. My friend Nathan Barnes played the role of Sam. While my other friend Lena Ranallo played the role of the community care taker who was in charge of Lucy.
I chose to shoot the majority of the film in front of a window, just like it was done in the movie itself. I figured this would give me the most desired effect for recreation. I found this method very successful as well. I also found that as the scene moved progressed, the timing between shots became less, giving the sense of an acceleration. This acceleration added to the emotion represented by a conflict, which was exactly the case in the scene. The blue lighting also aided in creating a dreary mood for the piece. I simply did this by altering the filter color for the entire footage.
I chose this scene for two main reasons. The first being that it was very emotional and it did make me cry and feel extreme sensations of sadness. The second reason was that there were no verbal noises or audio other than the music being played in the background. I felt that this was extremely successful in creating the sadness. I also was pleased with this effect because it made the scene display more of a seriousness since the actors did not have to speak. I think that the speaking would have created the illusion for mockery or humor, which was not at all a desired affect for me.
Overall, I am amazed and pleased with the result of my scene recreation. I couldn't have done it without the help of my friends since I was pretty sick at the time too. If I was to redo the project, I don't think there's anything I would change except for maybe finding one more actor so that all the roles could remain constant and singular.