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Emily Project 3 Proposal

For my final project, I will be utilizing video, still image, and constant audio to create a dance music video. I will be dancing in the video along with other people which will give a diverse perspective of how people see dancing. One constant song will motivate the entire film, a song which I have not completely decided on, but will. Viewing various people interpret their own dance version to the song is my main goal. I want to show the viewer how many different ways people can reflect their inner emotions through movement when provoked by the same sounds. I am inspired by dance and music, so I want to give others the chance to feel the sensation I get when provoked by musical influence. The video will be up-beat and energizing.

The video will have a title, as if it were a music video being presented on television. I will have all of my footage shot by Nov. 26th, though since I have been sick it might be a day or two longer than planned.
I am shooting myself, friends, family, and random people who are willing to cooperate and help me. I play a song either out loud for everyone to hear, or through an ipod for the individual to hear. Then I record their movements and compile all of the various footage together to correspond to the one common song. The overall look of the video is to capture a work similar to those seen on the MTV music videos. I am using music as my main audio because I feel it is my most successful way of drawing emotion out of most viewers.

I will have all of my footage shot and ready for rough draft reviews by monday Dec. 1st. Once I have added final touches and editing to the overall work, I will be set and ready for critique on Dec. 10th.
This project excites me.