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Emmanuel Project 3

I have already finished most of the filming for my project, but here is what I had proposed:

For my final project I would like to do a humorous movie, a "mock-u-mentary" of two experimental film makers. The movie will involve sections of interviews, clips of their films, and sections of them at work. The proposed style would be that of public access television, which is one of my favorite things to watch. I really enjoy the lo-fi look and feel of these television specials, which always seem to embody someone's passion for producing, but without the proper budgets.

I am planning to shoot with two of my friends, with one as the interviewer and the other one as well as myself as the filmmakers. I will draft an outline of a script, but I believe that we will try to ad-lib the dialog for a more natural rhythm. I will also shoot various "Experimental" films with both of my friends, as well as a few more serious ones alone. This way I will be able to explore not only the funny, documentary style of film making, but also the creative process of making artistic films (although I will later be poking fun at these films).

I plan on shooting most if not all of my footage by Nov. 19th, and beginning to edit together a rough version of the movie, hopefully to be done by the 21st or 22nd. I also want to create a section of opening credits for a fake "Art News" public access show. After this is assembled I will have my friend record the voiceovers for the movie, do any additional editing that is required, and then be ready to show the movie by December 10th.