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Jonathon Robbins Project 2

My initial concept for my second project involved some half lampoons / rehashes of classic movies that were sad. The three movies that I changed were Old Man and the Sea, Unbreakable, and Edward Scissorshands. I planned on tying these scenes together by placing them in the setting of a public TV station, aka my garage.

The scenes where to be acted out by me in all of the roles, and I planed on writing my own dialog with some ab libbing. The first scene, Old Man and the Sea, involved a young boy asking the old man from the novel to go fishing. Sadly the old man has become depressing and rather unfriendly, a tearful twist on the original.

The second scene of Unbreakable, with Bruce Willis, serves as a ridiculous middle ground for the three scenes. Using quoted Hamlet and a lamenting character.

After those scenes the film is finished with a recreated scene from Edward Scissorshands, during a discussion between a fan and his hedges. The fan warns Edward to not over work his piece, but Edward does not listen and the hedge, which they are discussing, is cut beyond repair. This storyline is meant to serve as a shot at my last piece which lost some emotion after I feel I overworked it, and is meant to also draw contrast between overworking a piece when this piece obviously wasn't.