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Jordain Project 2 Write Up

Arts 1601: Time and Interactivity
Project 2
Jordain K. Chinander

For my second project I decided to re-enact a scene from the Land Before Time. As a child this movie always seemed to make me cry and as I have found it continues to do so. This was an interesting film to re-enact for me for two reasons. The first reason is that it was a challenge for me to act a scene from a cartoon in real life. The second reason was that it was such an emotional movie for me.

As a child the Land Before Time was a movie that always made me cry because it triggered fears I had of losing my mother. I find funny enough that even today when I watch this cartoon it still brings me to tears. I wonder why I still after so many years harbor my same childhood fears in one way or another.

I chose to re-enact this scene originally with my mother, however she was always traveling and so I ultimately decided to act it out on my own. I found it was strange to act a scene from a cartoon in real life, so I chose to tackle this roadblock by focusing on my voice similarity rather than on my costume or set.

Another thing that was tough for me was the emotional trigger acting out the scene presented. I found that I kept starting to cry while acting it out. In the end however, I used that raw emotion to push my characters and act the scene out more honestly. I found my emotions to be a help rather hindrance.

I really enjoyed this project and I learned a great deal doing it. It was completely different from the first project and I look forward to begging the third project to see what fun challenges it will present.


The Peer Review

I really found having a peer review session before submission to be very helpful. It was really beneficial for me to have my fellow class mates give me their own personal critiques of my movie before I handed it in because it gave me the opportunity to make small changes before the final critique. I would like to continue working in this manner for my final project. I will probably ask some of my peers to look at my work in progress for the final project before I submit the final version. A mixture of small group and large class critiques of my work would be helpful other classes as well, perhaps I will suggest this method to other teachers in the future.

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