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Kaonhou Project 3 Proposal

I have yet to actually go through all the way with what I've proposed for the previous projects, so I'm determined to make this final project work. Throughout this semester, I really wanted to play around with green screening, and this open final project seems like the perfect opportunity. The idea behind this project is how we reconstruct our memories.

The movie would start with my cousins (and possibly me) sitting and hanging around in a circle just talking about the good old days--our childhood. We will focus on one memory that we all shared and retell it. As the memory is being retold, the scene will fade into the memory. The beginning of the memory will include some narration brought over from "real time" and eventually fade away as the memory comes to life. The memory will also begin with very minimal props, and the background will actually be showing the tacky green screen. The memory will be reenacted by my cousins dressed as kids in the early 90s. Every now and then, someone from real time will interrupt the memory and change it by adding/taking things out of the memory. Instead of having things magically appear or disappear, I plan to have the person who made the change go into the memory physically and change it themselves.

I have not yet picked out which memory to reenact, but I will figure that out by the end of the week and start shooting the memory scenes this weekend. For the rest of the week, I will be going over home videos and photographs and picking out which ones to use for the background. I will also be storyboarding this project shot for shot, which worked very well for me in the previous project.

All the shots and audio should be finished no later than November 26th, and the project should be ready for rough draft reviews by December 1st.