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Lauren Project 2

For this project I had picked to reenact a scene from Life is Beautiful. The scene is towards the end of the film when the main character, Guido, hides his son, Giosue (Joshua), from the Nazis in a box. Guido then runs off and ends up being caught by a Nazi and taken off to be shot. I had chosen this scene because not only for the loss of Guido, but for the relationship between him and his son and the many sacrifices he went through to protect him. Guido protected him not only physically but emotionally as well through the use of humor. I really love how humor is used in this film; how Guido tells his son that the Nazis and concentration camp is just a game and he has to play along in order to win the prize at the end. What is really touching for me in this scene, however, is even when Guido knows he is going to die he still entertains his son with a funny march. And when making this reenactment I wanted the humor but also the feeling of reassurance and comfort that Guido gives Giosue during that final encounter.

When first starting the project, my intention was to shoot it as real to the movie as I could. However, once I began shooting I realized that would be very difficult to get all of the exact shots especially with my location. So I abandoned that and made a shorter version that hopefully still gets the emotion across. One of the major issues that I ran into was that of lighting. In the original film the scene was at night and everything was very dark. I attempted to shoot later in the day right before sunset so there would still be a little light. It turned out a bit brighter than I would have liked but I think that it still works. One advantage of working at sunset was that it gave me some nice shadows and interesting lighting. For one part the lighting works as a natural spotlight on Guido. After shooting and beginning to edit I found I had some continuity issues with my shots and some eyeline shots didn't match up. So I reshot some of the scenes but had a very difficult time because the lighting didn't match and it was very difficult to position the camera in the same spots. When going back to editing I only used audio from the second shoot.

The peer rough draft review was very helpful as well. It was nice to get some other opinions because after working with the footage for so long you start to miss things that could be better. One of the suggestions was that I should play with the filters to make the scene look a bit darker to be more true to the movie and to get more emotional impact. I really liked that suggestion and played around with the filters but I think I need more practice because everything turned out a bit blue and the colors of the shots didn't really match each other. In the end I took off the filters but I think it would have been good if I just practice a bit more. But I really liked the peer review - it was very helpful to have fresh eyes look at my project and it was helpful to see theirs too because I got to see the techniques they used and their process of filming.