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Lauren Project 3 Proposal

For my last project I'm still developing the idea but I thought I would bring the themes of my projects full circle and reenact a scene from a Charlie Chaplin film. I'm not sure which film or scene I would like to reenact but I am going to approach it by trying to be as true to the film as possible by doing it shot by shot. I also want it to have the same feel as the original film so it will all be in black and white, have inter-titles, and a soundtrack. One aspect that is going to be difficult is that the film relies very heavily on acting and I am not sure who will be acting in the film - if I will myself or some of my friends. I'm still figuring that part out. In this project I also wanted to focus and develop my skills with using sound. I figured by using a silent film I would really have to work with sound in order to bring out the acting and story.

For a timeline I am planning on shooting this coming weekend and possibly during that week. I am also planning on having my rough draft review for December 1st. Hopefully by planning to have more days for shooting I will be able to have more footage and be able to play around with it more. I am still developing my ideas and what I want to do but I plan that by this weekend I will have a storyboard of the scene I will shoot.