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emmanuel final project proposal

For my final project I am planning on filming a mock-u-mentary about two experimental film artists. I am planning on writing and starring in one of the lead roles, along with one of my friends. The reason I am approaching the project this way is so that I can both work with the traditional narrative aka the documentary, as well as create experimental films or segments of them to show intermittently throughout the fake documentary. I like the idea of tying the two together through a documentary format in order to make one cohesive project. This way I can both explore film & video as an art medium, but also as a story telling medium. I plan on writing a script with my friend, then creating the different "experimental" films the two characters create, and then filming us recreating these films. I would like the over all tone to be funny, but also to be of high quality. Not so much a schticky Youtube video, but more along the lines of "First in Show" or something like that.

For my schedule I plan on writing the rough draft and hopefully final draft of the script Nov. 12th-17th, then start filming the creation of the experimental films Nov. 19th. I will then film the "documentary" interviews on the 22nd or 23rd. Hopefully by the 24th I will be able to start editing my film together and achieve a rough cut. I will schedule my rough draft review for Dec. 1st, continue editing and add the soundtrack for the movie. I am shooting for between 10 and 15 minutes for the final movie.