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Tyler Project 2 Final

Media Mill Video

For my second project, I remade the shark week clip from Step Brothers featuring Will Ferrell and John C. Riley. I recruited my friends John, who played Brennan Huff, Ben, who played Dale Doback, and Ben mom Kristen, who played Nancy Huff, as well as my friend Scott and my brother Brent to help with filming.

When going through the peer rough draft reviews, I felt fairly comfortable that I had accomplished all that I had wanted to. Amy was the only other person in our group that was in class on Wednesday. From what I could gather, I think that she liked the video and thought that it was funny. Her suggestion was to make sure that although the clip needs to be fast in some places, not to make it too fast. It was very neat to be able to bounce ideas and get input from classmates who might be going through similar problems or be able to share what they have done to solve those problems. Amy showed me how to play with the sound of each clip to make different pieces loud while making other sound clips softer.

The project turned out well. I spent at least 1 hour on the lighting and when I reviewed my footage, I realized that in some of the clips which I wasn’t doing the filming, that there was either a bright spot or in one clip even a piece of equipment in the upper right hand corner. The room that we used, although big, had many corners and was hard to light and get good camera angles. I think that I was able to do well with my surroundings.

I think that the best part about this project and picking a video that made me cry due to laughter is that it was very hard to get a full shot done without laughing and having to start the shot over again. Remaking a comedic scene was a lot of fun for me and my friends that made this to the point that there is almost a 3 minute stretch of film on my tape that is us laughing, trying to be serious about filming the scene again but then starting to laugh again. It was AWESOME!