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Tyler Project 3 Proposal

For my third project I will present the open ended question: What is art? I will attempt to present the many different forms that art can take as well as the variety of places that art can be found. I know that this is a very broad topic but that is my point. I would like to present that art can be and is apart of every aspect of life.

My inspiration for this idea came from the visiting artist lecture on November 13th; Allison Smith. Allison used the question What are you fighting for to include others in her art. I like the idea of using a more broad question to explore each aspect of the topic to see how great of an influence that topic has on the world and society. I would like to experiment with a mix of video and still images. Sound will be a part of this project.

My tiemline for this project will be to have all images shot by 11/26, to have a rough draft review either 12/1 or 12/3 and then class critiques either 12/8 or 12/10. I wanted to give myself extra time to have all of my images shot because as I started to think of what I could include for answers to my question, they slowly kept coming to me all night long. I would like to make sure that if anything else comes to me over the course of the next couple weeks that I will have sufficient time to incorporate that into my project.

I hope that this project will broaden my views on arts reach into the world. I have always been one to think that there is the world and then there is art and that there is not much of a mix (possibly due to my straight-line, business thinking). What I would like to get out of this project is more of a sense of how many different aspects of life art can be found in.