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Amy Project 3 Final Writeup

Media Mill Video

My final project ended up following my original idea. It ended up being a tribute, social action piece, and documentary. First, it was a tribute to my mom. It highlighted her yearlong fight against ovarian cancer. Second, it was a social action piece. The project prompts the viewer to take action and be proactive with their health. Third, it serves as a documentary in the sense that it brings in still images that documents her cancer treatment and survivorship.

I approached this project deciding to keep it shorter in length. As it serves as a social action piece, I wanted it to be shorter so that viewers would stay with it to get the full message. My approach to the project centered on a storyboard. There were many still images and a lot of different points of her story I could choose to hit on. Therefore, I felt it was necessary to storyboard the project so I could finesse the main points. I filmed in Studio B in order to use their black screen, teleprompter, and microphone. I wanted a black background so all of the focus would be on my mom as she spoke. I used the teleprompter so she would be looking into the camera, speaking directly to the viewer. Additionally, the microphone was necessary, as I needed her voice to be extremely clear. I also experienced a lot of camera noise in my second project, and I wanted to cut it down in my final project. In terms of music, I had a lot of different clips I considered using. However, many of the clips had words, which I wanted to avoid. Therefore, I chose sections of different instrumental pieces that were emotive but not distracting. Finally, I incorporated text. The text was used to help tell my mom's story and the project's message.

I wanted the piece's significance to be forefront and obvious in order to clearly reach the viewer. Cancer is something that touches each and every one of us. I have been very involved with cancer research, prevention, and fundraising throughout my life. Throughout my involvement, I have come to realize that many people don't understand that treatment is not the only option; prevention is also a choice. Thus, while I personally realize the importance of awareness and prevention when it comes to the disease, I wanted to spread the message.

During my rough draft review, it was suggested that I add another meaning or element to the piece. Therefore, I chose to tie together my title and end quote. Instead of simply writing the same message twice, I used the AHD pronunciations in the title. I chose to do this because it makes the words initially unclear. This was important for two reasons. First, ovarian cancer is nicknamed the Silent Killer because the symptoms are often hidden. By being proactive and listening to your body, you eliminate the hiding aspect and bring everything out into the open. Second, after my mom presents the message, the unclear title becomes clear, appearing once again as the final quote.