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Brett Westgor Project 3

Media Mill Video

Minutes after the class was assigned project 3, I started writing down different ideas. Since I had the freedom to do almost anything I wanted, I was excited to start the project as soon as possible. My first idea was to write an episode for a fake humorous “fishing show.� I thought it might be an interesting idea since it was unheard of and original. I then changed my direction to a fake documentary and thought that might be funny to work with too. I then thought of different friends who might help me with my project and remembered that one of my friends Mandy was going to school to be an actress. I asked her if she would be up for the challenge and she said yes. I started writing that day and came to the conclusion that it might be funnier if I had her make stuff up. So we created this “character� for her to act as and she began talk about random subjects as I filmed.

We had ideas of what she was going to do in her “normal day.� I filmed her waking up in the morning, making breakfast, eating, putting on make-up, going to an audition, hanging out at a friend’s house and going to a coffee shop. I originally wanted other people to interview and have them talk about her. I was going to have them talk about how they were only her friends because they felt bad for her. Yet, by the end of the shooting, I only had one friend that I had time to interview. So with only one person interviewed, I thought it might be better to focus on only Mandy.

The camera shots were hard to get because the camera always fell out of focus. I knew I had to work really hard with my shots to make sure they didn’t look out of focus. After I recorded a good hour of footage, it was time to edit in final cut pro. This part of the project took more time then anything else. I was working on editing my project for hours and hours. At one time, I was editing from 2:00pm-9:00pm in a single sitting. I had filmed so many shots that It took me more than an hour just to cut them up. After I had finished editing, I felt great. I thought the project turned out just the way I wanted it to. My beginning and end intention of the project was pretty similar. It was definitely the most fun project I had done at the U of M.