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Do-Ho Suh extra credit- Brett Westgor

Do-Ho Suh’s work caught my eye within seconds of watching him. Without knowing anything about him or his projects, I was already sucked in. He was born in 1962. He grew up in Seoul, Korea and went to school at Seoul National University. He earned his BFA and MFA in oriental painting at SNU and later moved to the United States where he continues to study at Yale University. Do-Ho Suh is known for sculptures and installations that challenge conservative concept of scale and site-specificity. One of the things I like about Do-Ho Suh's work is that it creates awareness to the ways viewers engage and occupy public space. Personal space is a pretty big subject that I feel isn’t often talked about. He has always been interested in space and I think the idea that he becomes so specific with that is more interesting for the viewer. Many artists use “space? in a majority of their work but Do-Ho Suh is very different. His perception of personal space has also changed over the years as he continues to follow his obsessive interest. Many people have different lengths of personal space and I think Do-Ho Suh’s ability to challenge that is astonishing.

Another thing I find interesting about Do-Ho Suh is that his pieces are not exactly what you would imagine them to be unless you honestly saw them. The subject of personal space is specific yet broad in many ways. His point of view on personal space does not force him to create these projects that are all over crowed in every way. Some of his projects need time to absorb before they are more clearly understood. I do like the finished designs of almost all the work I’ve seen from Do-Ho Suh. One thing I find difficult to except is that his pieces are all very closely related. Yet, they are still complex enough to the point where you need to take one thing in at a time. The pieces have different meanings in my point of view and it’s harder for me to understand what the artist is trying to show or explain. I feel if I had enough time to see one of his projects up close, I may better understand what he has created. Do-Ho suh has had projects all over the world and his sculptures continually question the identity of the human in today’s global society.