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Emily Burchell Project 3

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For my third project, I utilized the idea of making a music video inspired by the way in which people dance. I feel it was executed to my liking, however, I could have improved on attaining a message to a more broad audience by simplifying the piece through using less filter editing.

Through various filming sessions and music selection, I was able to shoot various clips of female youth which play a large part in my life here in minneapolis. I am from Michigan, so I have no connections or family in minnesota. I nanny and have a boyfriend who has many relatives as well. These individuals seen in the video are all girls which I role model for and also help me to become a better individual as well. They are "family" for me and give me a sense of meaning and purpose for where I am at currently in my life.

I film them all dancing to the same music in different settings of their own homes. It is really fun to see how each of them interpret the music they are listening to through their body movements. I try to capture this in emphasizing the moves which I found most original to their particular personalities as individuals in each little dance clip. Despite the use of my many filters, I feel that overall, it was fairly successful. I will admit that eliminating some, if not all, of the filters might improve the piece. But, that can be done again. I might try to do this.

As for the outcome of the piece, I showed it to many people. All of whom enjoyed seeing these girls act goofy and express themselves behind the scenes in a way most people may not have envisioned them. The girls really enjoyed watching themselves in the final video and it was a type of positive motivation and result they got to see from themselves. I felt they had a boost in their self confidence. That in itself was very rewarding to me.