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Emmanuel Project 3

Media Mill Video

For my final project I stuck pretty well to my original project proposal of a creating a mockumentary about experimental film makers. The movie starts off with a cheesy credit sequence for a public-access style arts program, titled "The Artist's Corner." It progresses to the same aesthetic of public access style interview, with the direction for my friend Adrian, the interviewer, to "just suck up to the film makers as much as possible." I wanted him to have a James Lipton "Inside the Actor's Studio" brown-nosing quality. He proceeds to interview my friend Alex and myself, and I inter cut the interview with scene about what were talking about.

This project was the most fun for me to create, but also the most labor intensive. Because there was no formal script, but rather an outline which we all improvised around it was difficult to keep a straight face. Therefore I ended up with roughly an hour and a half of footage which I had to edit down to about 9 minutes. The editing process therefore became quite intensive, with sorting through the clips for good takes, editing jokes together and trying to keep the pacing correct. After my rough draft review I decided to do two separate cuts of the movie, one which runs longer that Katinka had said was a little confusing, but featured one of my favorite jokes, and the cut that I posted here, which does a better job at keeping the pacing.

I also spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to animate something in after effects. It's funny how I had such a grand idea in my head about what I wanted the opening credits to look like, but without knowledge of the software I was left flailing in the water. Eventually I was able to create some sort of semblance of an intro, but it still doesn't match the million dollar budget idea in my head.

The intent of this final project for me was to take what I learned from the previous two projects and use the techniques and skills that I learned to put together a (hopefully) funny movie. I think the first stop motion animation really helped me with the pacing of my project, and the remaking of the Royal Tenenbaums scene really prepared me for editing as well as the lighting effects and soundtrack portion. I tried to create a funny situation that sometimes was a flat out joke, but other times the humor was more obscure or existed rather in the awkward pauses or pacing of the interview. By this point I've watched it so many times during the editing process that I don't find it as funny as I used to, so I am really looking forward to the critique to see if it illicits any laughter from the audience.

Another aspect that I am actually very happy about how it turned out which I tied to this final project was the menu of my DVD for this project. I worked hard again in After Effects to create an animation, then reimported all of my movies and the After Effects into Final Cut to create the background menu for the DVD. I think it has a very polished finished look to it and adds more interest than just a gray background.

Overall I am really happy with how this project and the DVD turned out and would like to continue honing my skills in all of the areas and programs that we were introduced to in this class.