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Jonathon Robbins Artist Response/Pierre Huyghe

Recently I decided to choose Pierre Huyghe for my artist reflection and had an interesting time looking over his work. The majority of the pieces I saw from him were either instillation pieces or computer animation/setups. Over viewing his work, I noticed a strong connection with technology and possibly a reflection of what modernity means.

Some of the exhibits I looked at were slightly more confusing than a simply reflection on technology. For instance, "Celebration Park", a piece exhibited at both Paris and Tate Museum contained a large number of neon signs with different phrases on them. The use of neon signs might say something about technology in the world, but I found the saying often used to be cryptic and confusing. Many focused on the idea of not owning or being something, such as "I do not own the death star" or "I do not own modern times". With further thought I can't understand his true meanings behind the exhibit, and suspect it says something about individuality, society, and perhaps our population. It's super ambiguous and hard to decipher.

A simpler piece to understand was his exhibit titled "This is not a time for dreaming". This piece contained various puppets which had strings attached to them, even a Darth Vader puppet. I'm sure by this point Star Wars is simply something that influenced his childhood. As for the puppets the narrative is easy to get as, for a puppet is usually connected to manipulation and control. The puppets were also controlled by larger puppets which might say something of a hierarchal system. This piece had an interesting narrative and well crafted aesthetics.

It was interesting to take a look at his work and perhaps I'll see more of him in the future.


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