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Jonathon Robbins Project Three

Project Three Proposal/Reflection

For my final project I went through a few ideas before I chose my subject matter: clearing your mind. Grappling with the concept, I came up with the idea to illustrated this feeling by lighting stuff on fire, a very effective way to clear something if you ask me. With that concept in mind, I elaborated on it by decided to use some of my old journals as the tinder needed. With the proper medium, I figured it would be easier to understand that the piece was connected to the thoughts of the mind compared to just ignited papers.

The process was actually a bit more dangerous than I had anticipated, I'll describe it from the beginning. With the paper's chosen from my old journals, I need to tape then to a back board in order to hold them in place while I started them on fire. With that set up and my back board ready, I then duck taped it to my bathroom wall. I laid down a wet towel for the ashed to fall on and opened a window for the smoke and such.

When I final began the process the camera was set up to simple watch in one position, and I began to light the paper on fire. Starting out slow, I light a few pieces and then tried to blow them out as fast as I could. As things went on I ran into something I didn't anticipated as the entire room was filled with smoke, not clearing as fast as I thought it would. The only problem with that is that I was taking giant breaths of air trying to put out the fires I had started and began to get a little lightheaded.

In the end things worked out and nothing started on fire, even though my bathroom was now a despicable mess.

In the editing process I wanted to attempt to illustrated the state of mind more than the physical properties going on in the movie. I used music and sound effects, with some blurring effects, to accomplish this. Looking back I wish I would have had my music track fade out until the entire end, a large symbolic meaning of clearing your mind.

Overall, this was my favorite project, and enjoyed the process.

Wishing all a happy conclusion to this semester,