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Kiki Smith Extra Credit- Brett Westgor

Kiki Smith is one of the weirdest artists I've ever heard of. Even during her interviews, there is an ambient type of music that plays in the background. Kiki Smith grew up in New Jersey but was born in Nuremberg, Germany in 1954. Her father was an American sculptor named Tony Smith. When she was a young child, she helped her father make cardboard models for his artwork. Now to this day, Kiki Smith creates many different sculptors, drawings and prints. What I really like about her artistic view is that she creates stories in her artwork. What grabs my attention about these creations is not only the story behind the work but the way it is told inside out. She likes to tell stories involving death, organs, cellular forms and the human nervous system. She has done work about dead animals like crows, as well as her own dead cat. I find this hard to swallow because the subject of death can be very depressing and to create a piece of art that involves a death in your life (ex: her dead cat), I feel that it would be too much negativity from the past to hold on to. Yet, she does not always involve her personal life with her art work. Kiki Smith has received many awards and medals for her work including the Skowhegan Medal for Sculpture in 2000. The amount of work put into her projects is huge and she seems to be one of the best (yet strangest) artists I've ever heard of. I would love to see her artwork in the future. To this day, Kiki Smith lives and works in New York city.