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lauren project 3

For my final project I followed my proposal pretty closely. I continued working with the humor theme from my other two projects and recreated a scene from Charlie Chaplin's The Gold Rush. The scene from The Gold Rush is about three hungry men in a cabin seeking shelter. However, when the owner of the cabin finds the two other men loitering in his cabin a comedic fight ensues. I chose this scene because I felt it had a lot of slapstick elements and it also plays off of my second project where there's comedy in a possible tragedy; Chaplin could have been shot. I also chose this scene because when I first saw it in the movie it straight out made me laugh - hopefully with the version I made others will see the humor in it as well.

When deciding to make this particular scene I was really concentrating on story and sound. I feel that with any project I make that story is the most important aspect in turning out a good product. With movies - if they have excellent special effects that's great, but it's still a bad movie because the storyline falls flat. So with this scene I really wanted it to be a mini story with a beginning, middle, and end so that it would make sense out of the context of the film which is something I had to work around in my last project. I also wanted to work on sound and improve on it from my last projects. So that also factored into my choice of a Chaplin film because sound becomes very important with a silent movie in directing the audience's mood toward characters and the situation. I took the original soundtrack from the scene and rearranged it, cutting and adding, so it would fit well with my shots as my recreation is not exactly the same as the original.

When shooting the scene, since I'm an awful actor, I instead paid more attention to the setting and other details in order to create a more believable experience. I used a 3-season porch for it to look more like a cabin and also because it allowed us to actually enter and exit the scene and not just walk off frame. Other details that I focused on in order to create a Chaplinesque experience was to make it in black and white and to add the old film effects. With the effects it was hard to tell how much was too much before it looked really fake or distracted away from the story. If I had more time I would have liked to play around with it more and also I would have liked to speed up the film and add at the beginning a projector sound and some flickering black and white so it would seem like this was actually film and had to be run on a projector.

Overall, this was a really fun project to make for me and for future projects this has really helped me see where I need to improve and spend more time on.