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Mark Beasley-Visiting Artist Review: Emily Burchell

Beasley best exhibits what curators do and their compassion to their work. From people paying money to be kidnapped, to the elephant, Mark shows devotion and hard work in what he does. He does what he loves best. Beasley’s background is of an artist and curator. To define a curator I would best explain it as one that keeps history and tradition alive by putting their mind together to become an artist.

I feel that Mark goes beyond that as a hard working and easy going guy who is open to new ideas. Mark described how all producers are curators and with that, they are one true voice. The curator’s voice should be heard equally to the show. Without curators, there wouldn’t exactly be a show for the viewer and audience, but rather there would be more of just a display. Curators impact how we see art in today’s world. There are more and more expressionist and modern art exhibits than in the past. With their visions and capabilities in putting exhibits together, more audience viewers are able to be amazed at what curators can do. Therefore, the artists are able to show their masterpiece in the most effective way that can be imagined.

Right away, Beasley opened the talk with a picture of Malcom from the Sex Pistols. I found Mark Beasley to be an entertaining man. Much different compared to other artists which I have encountered, but it was fascinating to learn of the many obstacles and experiences he has encountered throughout his work. His life revolved around thinking about art and finding new and unique opportunities. This backs up the passion he feels in what he does.

Mark grew up where artists did everything themselves like getting money, space and word out about their projects. His first project was $200 or less and called a fluffer piece. Needless to say he has more potential than just working with the Sex Pistols concepts.

Beasley brought about the “do it yourself? punk ethic and how it is very possible for artists to find or create their own venues in order to show work. With the traveling exhibit around England, they found kids that didn’t have much space for display in their community to exhibit their talent. Beasley was sufficient in his job but also had an influence on these kids to help them grow as perspective artists. With his spoken word projects, he seemed quite enthusiastic and excited giving the impression of endless possibilities. In addition, his collaborative efforts with musicians, visual and performance artists were very interesting. This, again, leads to the quality of his unlimited sense of possibilities.