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Tyler Project 3

Media Mill Video

For my third project I copied a lot of the assignment for the first project. I made a stop motion documentary type of project that presents the question, what is art. I spent hours driving around both my community, surrounding cities, and downtown minneapolis (everywhere that I knew the streets) looking for objects, paintings, and really anything that could be art. My project challenges what is art and what is not art and how one makes that decision. In the end, my project tells the audience that art is what you make it and it can be very different for each person. Personally, art has to do with the intent of the creator. If I am making a display for christmas, am I doing it to represent an ideal or story, or do I do it to sell as a decorative piece. Either way you could argue that it is, or is at least the product of, art.

I believe that I got a good mix of objects and enough of each to show that it is not just a unique installation but that they are all objects found spread thoughout cities. One of my favorite objects is a motorcycle that is made of all sorts of hardware and engine pieces. This may be an example of art as a craft whereas the sign that says defend marriage and shows a picture of a man and woman could very easily be seen as art representing an idea.

Although my third project does not delve to deep into my personal thoughts on art (I'm still not sure where art provides meaning to my life - I have not thought about it all that much until this point and a couple weeks has not allowed me to really find my lifes art perspective), I think that it does represent my view that art is a very personal activity. I know that art is also a uniting force but I think that meaning is a very personal thing with art and that great art can only be made from ones true feelings.

What I would most like people to get from this project is the sense that even if they do not have a great appreciaition for art, or have never really paid much attention to it (like me until recently), you are still influenced by art whether you realize it and accept it or not. As my project ends: Art is everywhere. It may not be in everything... But it is up to you to find it.