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Visiting Artist Response-Brett Westgor

The person I wrote my artist response on was Gabriel Orozco. He likes to deal with the logic of an object and how it works. I like how Gabriel thinks about his projects and art pieces. I feel I understand him more then most artists because I have a connection with a more logical point of view along with my creations in art as well. I feel art can become more twisted within a logical aspect and have a sort of stronger psychological connection that is almost subconscious.

Normally, Gabriel doesn’t do public work. The project I really liked of his was his “Mobile Matrix.? This project is a type of sculpture in a public library that he considered to be a major project. A library in Mexico City asked him to create something inside when the library was finished being built. He replied by saying he would create something after he had had some time to think about some ideas. So when the library was finished being built, he was ready with a few ideas.

One of his ideas was to have this skeleton of a whale in the center of the building. He explained it as “a floating whale in the center of the book shelves.? I love the idea of this because the library is all about using your imagination and creating something huge within your mind. I feel the whale acts as something that can be created with a little imagination within the human mind. Many stories and mythologies also have a whale and it can be related to many different books in general.

From different centers of the skeleton, he drew circles. He started drawing from the joints within the whale and grew out as the circles crossed one another. The circles touched in many different surprising ways and created this giant ring that was seen throughout the entire whale itself. He had to take the bones apart and color the lines in with graphite. He later connected the pieces to re-create this completely different, yet logical, style of art. I felt he was easy to understand immediately. His work and presentation can be read quickly and I feel he can spread his message and understandings. I feel some artists have to many directions in which you can read their art. If the artist is looking for only one direction then they don’t always get the reaction they are looking for. With an artist like Gabriel Orozco, the message is clear and the ideas are still brilliant. He is an inspiring artist and hopefully ill catch his next major project.