September 16, 2008

Brett Westgor: project 1 proposal

My stop-motion animation is focused on a short story involving a lazy penguin. The movie starts out with the lazy penguin asleep on the ice. As the sun in the background rises, the ice begins to melt. The ice then cracks off and the penguin is left floating away on an iceberg. When the penguin wakes up, he realizes that he is lost out at sea and can’t get back home. He picks his hat off the ground near where he fell asleep.
As he is about to put the hat on over his head, a bottle falls out and knocks him on his head. The penguin becomes confused and looks into the hat. He then begins to pull random objects out of the hat. As he pulls all of these random things out, he can feel he’s getting deeper and deeper into the hat. Soon the hat becomes empty and he decides to crawl into the hat himself. He begins to crawl into the darkness of his hat.
After a short period of time, he sees an opening of light. When he finally gets out into the light, he realizes that he is inside a large killer whale. He quickly notices that he somehow has his hat on his head and pulls out a large stick. He uses the stick to pry open the whale’s mouth and jumps out of the water. He lands on a chunk of ice and soon finds out that he is back on the same iceberg in the middle of the sea.
One of the two main tricks in the story is how he begins to pull stuff out from his hat. The other main trick is how he crawls into his hat and ends up inside a killer whale. I believe the best way to create this story is by drawing pictures. If I set up a tripod, I can put a camera up and take still pictures from that. The background does not change often enough to where I should need to make multiple sheets. I feel using a large sheet that I draw and erase on will work best for my project. I like drawing random cartoons and I think this will be a great way for me to bring some of my cartoons to life. I have no yet decided if I should work with sound effects, music or both. I think after I’ve had some time to dig into the project, many ideas for sound will be running through my head.