December 3, 2008

Amy Project 3 Final Writeup

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November 6, 2008

Amy Project 3 Proposal

I envision my final project being a combination of a tribute, documentary, and social action piece. First, it serves as a tribute piece to my mom. It will show her incredible strength and bravery. Second, it serves as a documentary by focusing on her experience with ovarian cancer. Third, it serves as a social action piece by providing a moral and action message to the viewer. I really wanted to have my final project be related to cancer. Cancer is a widespread and devastating disease. Whether it’s through survivorship or knowing someone with cancer, it touches each and every one of us. Cancer has not only affected my family, it has also been a part of my professional experience. I am currently an intern at the Children’s Cancer Research Fund. Through that experience, I have been able to see the importance of awareness and knowledge when dealing with the disease. Finally, I wanted to use this final project as an opportunity to both experiment with mixing video and images, as well as use text.

I will begin approaching this project by using a storyboard. This will let me determine which pictures to incorporate and what points of her story to hit on. I consider this a significant part of the project as a story such as this can be extremely detailed or bare bones; I feel it is important to find the appropriate balance. My initial thought for the location is a simple black background. I want the focus to be only on her. I would like to try and experiment with different lighting so the black background material is not too obvious and distracting. Additionally, I am thinking of using straight-on, medium close up shots during the interview. Sound will also be incorporated. I feel sound is a great emotive element and will be vital in this project. I am going to try and avoid music with words however. That way, the music will not be competing with my mom’s story and message. In order to get good quality, I am considering a clip-on microphone. Finally, I want the overall piece to be shorter time-wise. I like the idea of it being shorter so the impact will be direct and quick.

In terms of an overall timeline, I aim to have my material shot and ready for a rough draft review by November 24.

October 29, 2008

Amy Project 2 Final Writeup

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October 3, 2008

Amy: Project 2 Proposal

My scene will be based on a particular scene from the movie, The Notebook. The scene is one of the final scenes in the film. In the scene, Noah visits Allie in her nursing home room after she had a health scare. Noah begins to speak, and Allie wakes. For those few moments, her Alzheimer’s recedes, allowing her to recognize Noah as her husband. The two discuss the possibility of their love, hoping their love can take them away together. They fall asleep holding hands. In the morning, the floor nurse comes to check on Allie. Instead, she finds Noah and Allie still holding hands. They have both passed on. I chose this scene because I found the scene to be very emotional. Furthermore, I felt the emotions would be easy to convey as a scene by itself, with or without prior knowledge of the movie.

This scene will be created with the help of my family members. They will be playing the roles of Noah and Allie, while I will play the role of the nurse. Regarding my proposed technique, I will storyboard each shot during the scene. This way, I will be able to note important camera angles, camera movement, and set lighting. Furthermore, it will assist in my planning of how to pull off the angles and execute the camera movement. I plan on utilizing lights. Even though the majority of the scene is taking place in the middle of the night, adequate lighting is necessary for the scene to film clearly. Therefore, in order to have the scene appear as a night scene, I feel tinting and toning would be appropriate effects to use. In terms of the shoot location, the scene will be shot in a bedroom. However, I am unsure which bedroom to use. The room used in the film is plain and empty. Such a room might be difficult to find in order to mirror the feel of a nursing home. The props required in this scene are minimal. The most important element in terms of props is the costume element. The costumes will involve robes or pajamas to echo the costumes in The Notebook. Finally, I have not decided how to approach the sound. One option is to create my own music that will imitate the music used during the scene. The second option is to use the appropriate track from the movie soundtrack if available.

September 29, 2008

Amy Project 1 Final Writeup

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September 19, 2008

Amy: Mark Beasley Response

Mark Beasley is an independent curator, writer, and artist. He is based in both New York and London. As a curator, he puts together contemporary art shows. These shows are usually thematic-based and free form, as he values thinking out of the box and breaking traditional systems. Some of his recent works include Beasley Street, The Thinking, and Hey, Hey Glossolalia. Beasley also contributes articles to publications like Dot Dot Dot and Frieze. His role as an artist is played out in two ways. First, he is a maker of contemporary art. Based on his examples, this includes media such as printmaking and video. Second, he is a maker of music. As a child, he was in a lot of bands. Beasley explains that he always manages to return to his love of music somehow.

As previously mentioned, Mark Beasley’s projects are normally thematic-based. While he covered many projects, there was one project that Mark Beasley curated that stood out. This project was part of a Creative Time project, called Six Actions for New York City. The project consisted of henna tattoos on volunteers’ foreheads that lasted a month. The tattoos read, “Everything will be taken away? backwards. Volunteers were instructed to write down what they thought whenever they were able to read the tattoo in a reflective surface. This project was centered on the idea of personal introspection. I feel the ultimate goal was to wrestle with the idea of loss and the complicated human emotions connected. Furthermore, the tattoos themselves were the epitome of a relational project, as they blurred the line between artist and audience roles for the volunteers.

One comment by Beasley I found compelling was the importance of the relationship between the curator and artist. I interpreted this comment as Beasley trying to illuminate the significance of interactivity and mutual understanding in that unique relationship. Likewise, he grappled with what ownership meant for artists and curators. This stood out to me because of his dual role as both an artist and curator. On a deeper level, I believe this comment really showed his personal struggles of where his place is and should be in the art world. Beasley even stated that as a curator, it made him want to continue making his own art, showing the constant back and forth in his life.

The presentation was extremely entertaining. Beasley was a great storyteller and kept the audience engaged. On the other hand, I felt the stories were more focused on other artists’ motivations for projects rather than his own. I would have liked more insight into his motives and a more thorough background on what he actually does each day. Furthermore, the lecture needed an agenda. I found the hour confusing organizationally and would have appreciated a brief road map beforehand.

September 12, 2008

Amy: Project 1 Proposal

My stop motion animation project will focus on the story of two Rubik’s cubes. The two Rubik’s cubes are representing a couple of rivals that have decided to compete. The story is the actual performance. The two cubes are performing live on stage in front of an audience. Throughout their performance, the Rubik’s cubes are battling, constantly trying to out-do the other cube in terms of skill and trickery. The tricks start simple. Yet, as the show progresses, the difficulty of tricks progress as well. In terms of the basic structure, the story will begin with a traditional stage curtain to signify the setting. The middle of the story centers on the battle. Finally, the story ends with the stage curtain, again highlighting the theatre setting.

Currently, I plan to incorporate both time-based and object-based tricks. One example of an object-based trick is the sudden disappearance of one of the Rubik’s cubes. Another object-based trick being considered is the change from a single-colored cube to a multi-colored cube. I hope to accomplish this trick by working with several different Rubik’s cubes. Additionally, I would like to utilize transition speed manipulation as a time-based trick. A scene in the movie, La Jetée, promoted this trick idea. Hopefully, this project will explore the trick in the scene where the picture changes from still images to real time video. While real time video will not be used in my project, it is my intention to create a similar effect using varied breaks between still images.

My initial thought for the location is a simple black set with a red curtain symbolizing a traditional stage. Ideally, I would like the location of the set to be away from outside light. This will help prevent undesired changes in shadows. In order to achieve this, I plan on using an individual lamp to create the appropriate lighting effects and feel. Regarding my beginning style ideas, I would like to vary the shot styles. For instance, close-ups could be used for each featured Rubik’s cube solo. This will help add clarity to the form for the audience. Finally, in terms of sound, I feel the best way to use sound intentionally in this project is to use sound effects. They will help portray the story through the use of effects like applause. These sound effects will be found online.