December 8, 2008

Emmanuel Project 3

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November 17, 2008

Emmanuel Project 3

I have already finished most of the filming for my project, but here is what I had proposed:

For my final project I would like to do a humorous movie, a "mock-u-mentary" of two experimental film makers. The movie will involve sections of interviews, clips of their films, and sections of them at work. The proposed style would be that of public access television, which is one of my favorite things to watch. I really enjoy the lo-fi look and feel of these television specials, which always seem to embody someone's passion for producing, but without the proper budgets.

I am planning to shoot with two of my friends, with one as the interviewer and the other one as well as myself as the filmmakers. I will draft an outline of a script, but I believe that we will try to ad-lib the dialog for a more natural rhythm. I will also shoot various "Experimental" films with both of my friends, as well as a few more serious ones alone. This way I will be able to explore not only the funny, documentary style of film making, but also the creative process of making artistic films (although I will later be poking fun at these films).

I plan on shooting most if not all of my footage by Nov. 19th, and beginning to edit together a rough version of the movie, hopefully to be done by the 21st or 22nd. I also want to create a section of opening credits for a fake "Art News" public access show. After this is assembled I will have my friend record the voiceovers for the movie, do any additional editing that is required, and then be ready to show the movie by December 10th.

Emmanuel Visiting Artist Write-Up

I did not attend a visiting artist lecture due to work conflicts but was able to meet with an artist at the Walker Art Center.

The artist I was fortunate enough to meet was Alberto Pesavento, although he was limited in the time that he had. He briefly explained that he is a writer who got involved with Tomas Saraceno in a sculpture/balloon titled "Museo Aerosolar," or "Flying Museum." Tomas Saraceno is an artist known for making balloon structures and sculptures, one of which was recently included at the Walker Art Center's "Brave New Worlds" exhibition.

Tomas Saraceno and Alberto Pesavento's current project is a giant solar-powered balloon created with recycled plastic bags and packing tape. I was drafted into cutting these donated bags for them with a couple of other Walker interns. The process includes sorting old plastic bags into different sizes, then cutting them into single paneled squares. These are then distributed to the community so that they can draw or paint on the balloons, and lastly assembled by the two artists with clear packing tape.

At first when I was introduced to the project I was not very impressed. I didn't really see anything amazing or innovating in creating a solar powered balloon. However, after talking to Pesavento I understood that the project from the artist's perspective was not so much about the actual balloon, but rather about the communities that were being brought together not only by the construction of the balloon, but also by the traveling nature of the balloon. The artists enjoy working with very small communities to involve everyone in the art project, and through this one artistic goal bring the community together. They also enjoy giving communities without very many resources an outlet with which to express themselves, and a way to share their personal message around the world. The project also creates awareness around recycling and pollution, and Saraceno has said he wants solar powered balloons to be a mode of transportation in the future, to cut down on greenhouse gasses by decreasing plane travel. I personally think this will never really be viable, but more power to him.

While talking about how much he enjoyed being in a small community in Israel, I asked Pesavento what he thought about working with an institution such as the Walker for the latest installment of Museo Aerosolar. He responded by telling me it was difficult to transition from a project which has no funding and was for the common people, to one that is now recognized internationally and is more about the audience rather than the participants. I was interested to hear this because it seems by shifting the focus and the process of the project that the vital and most interesting parts, which were bringing together disenfranchised communities and developing a sense of cooperation, have been lost. Therefore the project collapses into just a massive solar balloon, which is not nearly as interesting as the interpersonal relationships it was helping to foster.

Overall, Pesavento was kind and seemed genuine about his work. Saraceno was also supposed to meet with us, but he failed to show for the third time, which makes me think he's a flake. It was nice to be able to clarify the purpose of Museo Aerosolar and to get a deeper understanding into the motivation of a working artist.

November 12, 2008

emmanuel final project proposal

For my final project I am planning on filming a mock-u-mentary about two experimental film artists. I am planning on writing and starring in one of the lead roles, along with one of my friends. The reason I am approaching the project this way is so that I can both work with the traditional narrative aka the documentary, as well as create experimental films or segments of them to show intermittently throughout the fake documentary. I like the idea of tying the two together through a documentary format in order to make one cohesive project. This way I can both explore film & video as an art medium, but also as a story telling medium. I plan on writing a script with my friend, then creating the different "experimental" films the two characters create, and then filming us recreating these films. I would like the over all tone to be funny, but also to be of high quality. Not so much a schticky Youtube video, but more along the lines of "First in Show" or something like that.

For my schedule I plan on writing the rough draft and hopefully final draft of the script Nov. 12th-17th, then start filming the creation of the experimental films Nov. 19th. I will then film the "documentary" interviews on the 22nd or 23rd. Hopefully by the 24th I will be able to start editing my film together and achieve a rough cut. I will schedule my rough draft review for Dec. 1st, continue editing and add the soundtrack for the movie. I am shooting for between 10 and 15 minutes for the final movie.

November 5, 2008

Emmanuel Mauleon Project 2

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September 29, 2008

Emmanuel Project 1

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September 15, 2008

Emmanuel: Project 1 Proposal

While thinking about this project I have decided I would like to perhaps portray an object moving between the 2 dimensional world (a flat piece of paper, a wall, the floor, etc) to the three dimensional world. Maybe a drawing of a person would become a real person, or perhaps a painting mounted on the wall would emerge from the frame. I think the subject would be challenging in figuring out how to accomplish a well thought out transition between these two mediums. The story I imagine begins with the 2 dimensional object, maybe moving slightly, and progresses to its escape to a three dimensional world. The object, whether it be a person, animal, inanimate object, etc., would explore its new surroundings and then retreat back to the two dimensional space, accompanied by funny sound effects of course.
I think the tricks I would use for this would be on the more subtle side, as far as they would mostly be fade-ins and outs, and perhaps different changes in the frame-rate pace to accentuate different moments in the animation. I think I will shoot for more subtle tricks simply because I want the subject or story to hold more of the viewer's attention than the ‚Äúdazzling‚Ä? animations. The story is a simple one, dealing with exploration of a new place, and I would like to maintain a simple aesthetic. The transitions I think will help me to convey a sense of time, as well as speeding up the frame rates will add urgency to specific moments, such as the leap into the three dimensional space.

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