November 24, 2008


Media Mill Video


Media Mill Video

October 20, 2008


The scene I have selected is from the film, I am Legend. The film's premise revolves around a devastating viral outbreak. The scientist/savior played by Will Smith, has created an antidote and is trying to save mankind and bring them back to their original human form as the people have turned into zombies. Smith's character is isolated his only companion is his dog Sam.

The scene I have chosen is the scene where Sam takes off chasing a deer, a natural dog response, a kind pleasurable escape, as the dog forgets about the dangerous world and what grave danger lies in the wharehouse, where the zombies reside. Smith's character goes is in desperately trying to save his companion.

My character however will not be as isolated, I will have friends but I only have one sister Sam, (Samira).I will be recreating the scene with an emphasis on the notion of abandonment and the feeling of helplessness when my character tries to save someone from their own zombie state. I am Legend is a Sci-Fi ish/ horror movie but the sadness for me in the film was the intensity of fear of how close can you come to losing someone to a zombie state, and what can the fear of losing a loved one to zombie state motivate an individual to do to save them.

I will imitate the shots of looking for my loved one a flashlight exploring the sensations of darkness,fear, and unknown but assumed present dangers. Filmming at night and in darker areas, a garage, an alley, possibly a darkly lit car or bar I will work with the elements of the darkness to try to recreate forth the intensity of fear to create feelings of climaxing a possible horrible impending sadness and loss of possibly losing my sister to zombieness/death of soul.

September 15, 2008

Swan: project 1 proposal

I am going to make a piece based on themes of identity, self reflection and growth. Using photos digital and still photos to demonstrate processing memories and periods anxieties. I want to have a dream sequence using collage cuts combined with collage back ground or photo backgrounds. I would like to juxtapose periods of self reflection as stills and video as moments of growth.

I am going to use storyboards to help me plan out the ideas and prioritize areas to film. I plan to further explore the editing software to highlights the themes of growth and reflection.