December 8, 2008

Tyler Project 3

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November 16, 2008

Tyler Project 3 Proposal

For my third project I will present the open ended question: What is art? I will attempt to present the many different forms that art can take as well as the variety of places that art can be found. I know that this is a very broad topic but that is my point. I would like to present that art can be and is apart of every aspect of life.

My inspiration for this idea came from the visiting artist lecture on November 13th; Allison Smith. Allison used the question What are you fighting for to include others in her art. I like the idea of using a more broad question to explore each aspect of the topic to see how great of an influence that topic has on the world and society. I would like to experiment with a mix of video and still images. Sound will be a part of this project.

My tiemline for this project will be to have all images shot by 11/26, to have a rough draft review either 12/1 or 12/3 and then class critiques either 12/8 or 12/10. I wanted to give myself extra time to have all of my images shot because as I started to think of what I could include for answers to my question, they slowly kept coming to me all night long. I would like to make sure that if anything else comes to me over the course of the next couple weeks that I will have sufficient time to incorporate that into my project.

I hope that this project will broaden my views on arts reach into the world. I have always been one to think that there is the world and then there is art and that there is not much of a mix (possibly due to my straight-line, business thinking). What I would like to get out of this project is more of a sense of how many different aspects of life art can be found in.

November 15, 2008

Tyler Visting Artist Resonse

Visiting Artist Response

Date - 11/13/2008
Time - 7:00p
Artist - Allison Smith

Allison Smith has worked with almost all types of media including ceramics, textiles, printmaking, but most often sculptures. Growing up, Allison lived in North Virginia, just outside of the Washington D.C. suburbs; she now resides in Oakland California. As a child, Allison grew up exposed to arts and crafts through both her mother and father. Her mother, as she described her, was an early Martha Stewart and loved making things involving quilting, needle point work, wreath making, and stenciling. Her father was also crafty in the sense that he loved making things such as kites, model airplanes and trains. Overall Allison had a very creative childhood environment and one that would foster a more hands on approach to art.

The Civil War was a very heavy theme for Allison as a child. She attended re-enactments, country fairs, toured historic houses, and attended living history museums. Allison even has family history ties to the Civil War; two of her ancestors signed for the succession of South Carolina from the union, arguably what can be blamed for the official start of the Civil War. Allison is very drawn to the amount of detail in war re-enactments, saying that “detail is almost an obsession.�

Her first major project that she introduced was the musters of 2004 and 2005. The first was held at a fellow artists Pennsylvania farm, while the second took place on the Governor’s Island in New York. These musters had participants answer the questions, what are you fighting for? The theme of having herself as well as the public live within her work is very strong in almost all of Allison’s work. The muster cannot happen without public participation, just as she uses her sculptures of firearms and others to put herself into her art.

One statement that she made was regarding a fellow artist who is a basket weaver. He said, “If I show my work at a gallery or sell my basket, my studio would become a factory and I would become a machine.� I was very intrigued by this comment. It has a very powerful meaning in this capitalist society in which we all live. The first thought that came to my mind was that this artist/artisan thought of capitalism as selling your soul to the devil. I then realized that I may have been reading to much into the statement and that the artist/artisan could have very well been so passionate about the intricacy of his work that should he ever be forced to make baskets strictly for sale, he would lose that passion. I find that this attitude can also be projected upon Allison’s works. The other comment that she made that was very interesting is that she thought of herself as a jack of all trades but a master of none. I think that this can definitely tie into her role in most of her art as the author or producer (especially seen in the musters) that she has a great appreciation for all trades enough that she would never want to push one aside to focus on just one.

The presentation was very interesting to say the least. I have come to the opinion that Allison’s greatest pleasure in art is to get a sense of how people interpret her creations. I think that is the basis for almost everything she has worked on. The muster allows every participant to interpret the question, what are you fighting for, in their own manner. On more than one occasion during the presentation Allison made the comment that she wished that she could get more of an incite into the reactions and views of the audience to get a better sense of what the public was getting out of her sculptures and works after putting so much personal touch into every aspect of her creations.

November 3, 2008

Tyler Project 2 Final

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October 15, 2008

Tyler Update to Project #2 Proposal

I have decided to go a different direction with my second project. I have decided to step away from remaking a scene from Men of Honor on the basis of not being able to find a good scene/setting as well as trying to find enough people to make my remake look like an actual courtroom. I have decided to remake a scene from the comedy, still in some theaters, Step Brothers with Will Ferrell and John C. Riley.

The scene that I will be remaking will be the scene after Dale and Brennan have gotten into a fight in front of all the neighbors on the front lawn. They are sitting in the living room watching a show on Animal Planet during Shark Week. Their parents walk in and go though a disciplining talk about them growing up and getting jobs to start supporting themselves.

I think that this scene is absolutely hilareous although it is one of many scenes in the movie that made me laugh so hard I cried. (I have already seen the movie twice in theater and of course plan on buying it the day it comes out.) I think that this remake will be a very fun project. I have chosen my living room as the scene to match up with the movie. I think that the props should be fairly easy to get as they are just typical household products.

I will enlist the help of one of my friends to play Dale and I will be playing Brennan. I have not decided whether we will also be playing the parents or if I can get two more people to help me with that.

October 5, 2008

Tyler Connolly Project #2 Proposal

The scene from a movie that made me cry is the scene from Men of Honor, with Robert De Niro, as Chief Billy Sunday, and Cuba Gooding Jr., as Chief Carl Brashear, when after Chief Brashear’s leg was amputated and he is on trial to determine whether he can continue to be a Navy diver, Chief Sunday goes through the commands to prove that Chief Brashear can still with stand the physical difficulty associated with becoming a Navy diver.

I intend on approaching the remake by watching the scene multiple times and then filming the remake. This will hopefully show what parts I become most attached to emotionally and show how much the story can captivate a mind to the point that small details lay by the wayside while the impact of the moment takes control of the viewer.

I am thinking of playing all parts in the scene. This would be the easiest to not have to coordinate a large group of people to act in a courtroom setting. I think it would also show much more about the impact that the scene is having on me in how I act the parts of different characters in the scene.
For the diving suit I plan on using hunting waiters and possibly a motorcycle helmet. (I think this will look really cool!) As far as the location of the scene, I may have to shoot the scene closer to the characters in the remake than in the original film, unless I can develop a way to remake the look of a courtroom. The other thing I was thinking about doing is finding a way to reset the scene outside. It would obviously making location much easier, I would just have to find how to not make that look like a cop-out and incorporate that in some way into the remade scene.

It was originally hard to find a movie, much less a specific scene that made me cry because to be honest (no, it’s not that I don’t cry) I don’t watch all that many movies that would make someone cry (mostly action and comedy). I think I will have a lot of fun remaking the movie. I know it made my dad cry to when he first watched it. I might have to enlist him in being Chief Billy Sunday. He is a Minneapolis Fire Captain and pretty good at belting out orders…
For those of you that have never seen this movie, I found the scene on…

October 2, 2008

Tyler Connolly Project #1

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September 14, 2008

Tyler Project 1 Proposal

Project 1 Proposal
Stop Motion Animation

For my stop motion animation projet I will attempt to show a day in the life of a University of Minnesota Student. This will include (because I am a commuter) a drive to school, riding the bus from class to class, relaxation time, class time, study time and of course fighting through the lines of getting a meal.

I will use time tricks in making the relaxing times during a day seem like time slows down but during the busy, almost frantic, times of the day will seem like they happen quicker and in a less organized way. I hope to use a combination of video and stop motion animation in my film.

I will try to include at least one object trick although I haven’t been able to develop an idea around that yet. I have thrown around ideas of not being able to find something, or thinking that you have your homework in class ready to turn in and then its just not there.

Because my film will be taking the viewer through a day, it will very easily have a beginning, middle, and end. The beginning of the day will be represented by the commute to school as well as getting prepared for the days classes. The middle of the day will include classes, a meal, and travelling around campus, while the end of the day will include a reflection on the day that was and looking ahead to thenight of homework now facing the student.

Although my film will be more straight forward and not have many abstract concepts involved in it, I hope to be able to make the viewer interested in my film through seeing the humor and parody involved in my film. The viewer will hopefully feel as if they are living the day that the student is going through and in that way find themselves in the film.

Although my idea is very basic, I have a few different ideas that I am less confident about that may find their way into the film. My idea for this film is still in the infant stages and I would not be surprised if my idea was changed at least in a small way before the finished project is seen.