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Artist Response

Lowery Stokes Sims spoke about ethnic notions. She began by talking about the movie “Crash� and how it brought to light many of the stereotypes that are accepted as truth by many people. Sims went on to talk about an art class she taught where they discussed the aspect of ethnicity in art; she showed a few examples of art that spoke strongly about race. She also touched on the power of the television in encouraging stereotypes and how we all accept what is said there as the truth.
I really found what Sims had to say about diversity assimilation interesting. On one hand I really think that everyone should conform at least somewhat to the culture that they live in. For example, when someone comes to live in the United States from another country I believe they should learn the language and what is socially acceptable in America. Although, I also think that it is important to retain the richness and diversity of the different cultures in the U.S. and to preserve the different ethnic and religious identities of everyone. I scoff at people I see “pretending� to be someone they are not, dressing or acting outside of their roots. It really is a shame that there is such pressure to assimilate to what is considered “normal�.
I enjoyed listening to Sims, she was lively and engaging; I would recommend that anyone who did not see her this time around to go when she comes to speak again in December.