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Artist Response

Lowery Stokes Sims started off her discussion with the mention of the movie 'Crash' because of the apparent theme of race that fit well with what she had to say. She showed us several examples of artwork that were influenced by different cultures and in most cases the confusion of culture. One image in particular showed a Japanese girl with her face painted black. It was as if she had changed her race.
Sims mentioned the stereotype of 'driving while black' where white cops would pull over black people that drove nice cars just because of their disbelief of that person's status. Sims also brought up an interesting point; whiteness being a counterpart of blackness. The word 'counterpart' does not have to have an opposite effect but it can also possess a connotation of unity. She went on to say "whiteness is as much a mask as blackness can be (because whiteness is also a marker of race)." Personally, I agreed with everything she said and I feel that everyone should have this kind of enlightened thinking.

Apart from issues of race, Sims also addressed feminism and categorizing gender. Sims gave us a series of facts that categorize men:
-They die 8 years sooner.
-They have to expose their breasts in public.
-They are more likely to be homeless than any other group.
-They aren't allowed to express their emotions.
-Parts of their sex organs have to be amputated at birth.
-Who are they?
She brought these up because they give a false mold that tell men what to do. It's an example of why feminism exists and I think it's a humorous way of showing the public how they should not expect things of certain people.