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Assignment I :: a sound primer

Your first project will be an introduction to working with sound – recording, editing, exporting and presenting.

Our focus will be situated in an aural investigation of location, time, and physicality (or perspective).

In choosing a specific location, think about the atmospheric and cultural elements of that place. What do you do there? How does it feel to be there? And how do you interact with or in this space? These are things you might want to get across in your final piece.

Physicality and Perspective
How do you move through this place? Or are you still? How do you want the listener to move through this place? What is the viewers physical relationship to the sounds we hear? What is the perspective?

Is it a linear or non-linear experience? Is it narrative or abstract? How does it begin and end?

Ask yourself why you’re interested in this specific location? Is it a contemplative or chaotic space, or something between? What are the emotive elements? How do you feel being here? What is your objective in recreating this location in sound, or what is it that you are interested in?

Cinematic, Narrative, Abstract, Linear, Non-linear

1. Chose a specific place in which to make a recording. This will be a kind of audio record of that place. Hone in on as many individual sounds as possible, as well as the overall tone of the environment.

In terms of filmmaking, “the sound guy? records what is called “room tone? at each location. This is the track by which they build the “reality? of sound space in film. We will work from this premise.

2. import and edit

3. review, add effects or anything else that you think is missing.

4. export and prepare your project for presentation, listen to it in the critique space.

5. presentation, prepare your ideas for class discussion