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Back In Time

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It's created so that time changes from Adulthood to Childhood. It starts with lawnmower and sprinkler noises, along with heavy footsteps meaning running away. Then I come to a forest, with light music and bird music, then finally to a children playground. It shows the escape we have from modern world.

In my project, due to the speaker issues, the music piece which was inserted in the middle turned out to be quite loud than I thought of. The sudden appearance of the music was a negative to it. I should have tr the monospeaker effects before the presentation. When heard on computer with 2.1 speaker and headset, the quality and effects of the piece was much more better. I had some clips to be recorded by two separated microphones to give three dimensional effects, but those could not be shown. Overall I think I've done great on fading and putting different clips together with smooth transitions consider that I had over 10 layers.