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Dorm Room Studio

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This clip is meant to represent just a typical day for me and my friends at my dorm room. The location specifically is a double sized dorm room on the ninth floor. Obviously, I spend a good amount of time out of my day at the dorm where I study, sleep, listen to and make music. I play guitar and so I enjoy playing with bassists because they provide low sounds and rhythm as well. Whenever I play music at my room, I leave the door open and several people stop by to take a listen and that's how I want listeners to feel about this clip. I want them to feel like as if they are in the room just grooving to the music.
Usually when I play a song, the surroundings are disturbance free (for example in this clip, the window is shut).
Though the clip is four minutes long, listeners can start at any point, but they should listen all the way through the end because that is where you can finally hear some voices.
Effects were added to the file after recording. If you listen closely to the solos, there are tremolo, echo, and tempo changes.
Overall, this clip is meant to represent a feel good time at a dingy, common, ordinary dorm room. I believe it has a narrative/first person feel because listening to the clip is just like being in that space. Also, listeners will have a linear experience because of how the clip is formatted (it is straightforward, without having any jump-arounds)