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how i use technology daily

Technology has affected our lives in a mostly positive way.
First off, I use my computer to send and receive info in emails, to get addresses and phone numbers, to chat with friends and family, to edit/post photos, download/post/listen to music, post/watch/copy/edit video. Secondly, I use it to write papers and do research. Also, I use it to get directions to places i've never been and to check the temperature so know what to wear.
My cellphone is pretty handy because apart from making/receiving calls, i can use it to take pics/video when i don't have my camera on me. Also, it's easy to record sound on as well.
Next comes my ipod, which i use to store/listen to music, and store/view photos/video. I have also been know to store documents on it (like the bill of rights) so i am able to memorize them before tests without lugging around my gov. textbook.