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Interaction with Technology

My interaction with technology has been changing a lot lately and it is becoming more and more an important part of life. I do not know if I like technology in general since it means that I must constantly keep up with it in order to get the most out of it and to be more accessible. Nevertheless technology makes my life as a student easier and enhances my studies.
The use of a computer allows me to work on my writing assignments wherever I want as well as having access to the Internet simultaneously, which is very helpful. It is very nice to be able to work at a café while at the same time having access to numerous online sources such as journals, magazines and newspapers. Doing homework at a café is more pleasant because it provides a more relaxing atmosphere and a change to daily student life. Additionally, the computer offers a spelling and grammar check, which is especially important for not native English speakers. Thank you Mr. Computer.
It took me a long time to really take advantage of what technology offers. Until now I do not even have a cell-phone, which is pretty much a necessity in our society today.