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Daily Life

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Working on this project really opens your ears up to the world. It really makes you start to focus more on the simple easy things in life, such as the sounds of footsteps. I made this clip because of my interest in cars and how they are used on a daily basis. The job of a police officer is a good example of how much we rely on cars. In my eyes, most of their days are spent patrolling in a squad car and reporting to radio transmissions. In this clip I tried to capture the feeling from when the officer first steps into his car all the way until the end of the night when he parks it in the garage.

Presenting my project in front of the whole class was a great learning experience. Not only did I get a chance to show my fellow peers my art, but I got some helpful criticism from them. Listening to everyone else’s projects made me realize how poor of a job I really did. I really liked my sound piece going into the presentation day, but as I kept hearing my classmate’s projects I started to dislike mine. My clip made sense to me because I made it, but everyone else had a hard time understanding what was going on. I was even told that it was a good example of how sound can go wrong. I didn’t take this criticism in a bad way; I just took it as a learning experience. I needed to improve my transitions more, have an easier path to follow, and have more people critique my project before hand. On the second project I plan to spend more time on it and make sure I like it. Also, I want to make sure that I have fun!