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Sweet Dreams

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Are you ever able to remember your dreams? Take a walk through the subconscious...

The focus of my project was a journey through someones dreams. Often filled with the strange and wonderful little parts of your day always manage to find their way into your dreams. I worked with morphing the normal sounds we hear during the day into somewhat of a nightmare. The listerner follows the individual through their dream and experiences both an outdoor and indoor envoiroment.

My Audio critique: 10/07/07

I really enjoyed our first project which required us to be working with sound files. I have never had the opportunity to work with sound files quite to the extent of the recording and editing we did in class. It was interesting to see how everyone’s pieces took their own unique form. For my piece it seemed like the class enjoyed it, but I feel like I could have maybe added more unique flavor to the piece. By this I mean that as was stated in class it was possible for me to take the pop culture characteristics of everyday life a little further, play up the different movie tracks and character voices. I also would have liked to work with the humor aspect of the piece by leaning perhaps a little bit more toward funny then scary, since people really seemed to enjoy the humorous parts of the piece.
The length of my piece seemed to fit the narrative and it didn’t seemed rushed however I could have lengthened it a bit by adding some more detail. Overall I think it turned out nicely.