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Techno. in my Life

It's funny that the use of technology was our first assigned blog entry, because a few hours after we were assigned to do this blog, I was given another assignment from a different class regarding the same topic. In my Journalism and Mass Communication class we also were asked to look at how technology and media affect our daily lives. Our fisrt assignment in that class was to avoid use of techonolgy or media for a twenty-four hour period and then write about our experiences. This meant no television, no computers, no cellphone ( which meant NO TEXTING!), no books, and no newspapers/magazines. We were basically going to be stripped of our daily necessaties. What was I going to without my cellphone for a day?! I still yet have to complete the assignment (we were given two weeks to complete so we could pick a convenient day) but am well aware that it is going to be very difficult, if not impossible to avoid the use of those items. Once I complete the assisgnment, I'll try and post the results.