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The Experience of a Dance Studio

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I had a lot of fun creating this sound project. Dance has been a part of my life since I was three years old so regardless of how much I was into when I started, it has grown to become an extreme passion of mine.
For my project I went to the dance studio and made numerous recordings: in the ballet studio, in the waiting room, up the stairs to another floor of classes, in the tap building and more. All of the recordings I did inside classes were by placing the recorder on the floor and trying to get the experience from the foot level. I went into the ballet room first and while ballet is a very "light" style of dancing and the feet don't give off sound so much as they give off a visual but I found that hearing the music with the instructor and the jumping creates the experience of a ballet practice.
For tap I recorded myself tap dancing on different surfaces and then layered the sounds so that when you hear the exerpt from just myself it still sounds like a classroom of dancers. I had fun playing around with the effects and while it may not be obvious to the listener there were multiple effects done to the original pieces that I put together.
What I think is unique about my project is that through the entire piece there is a background of walking, up stairs, down stairs, in and out of doors and simply in the lobby. I think it really adds to the experience of moving through the dance center.