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Critiquing my Sound Project

Our first project in this class had to do with creating a sound primer. This was my first time doing anything with recording and editing audio files. I ended up doing a piece on sounds found in a dorm room. Based on the constructive feedback I received in class, I felt overall I had done well being my first time. However, me being the tough critic I am, I felt there were some changes I would have made if I were to do the project again.

First, I would have listened to the audio file on the speakers that were to be used for presentation. I wasn’t able to test out the speakers we used during critique so the sounds I expected everyone to here were not demonstrated during the presentation. I wanted certain sounds to be heard over others, and had anticipated using surround sound. So, certain sounds were set up for that.

Also, another change I would have made was I would have extended the time on my file. The sound moved too quickly for the narrative I was trying to create. The build up of sound was evident, however, in my opinion it happened to quickly. It didn’t allow enough time for the listener to distinguish what was happening. For instance in the beginning of the piece there wasn’t enough time for the listener to know that the person had come into the room and settled down. I also could have used different sounds to let the listener know that there was two people in the room right away. If I did not explain the situation of the story to the listeners ahead of time, it may have been confusing as to how many people were in the room. As I explained in critique though, I didn’t know there was going to be two people until later into my project, so my focus changed. I should have worked the project more to fit my new idea.

Overall, I would have spent a little more time?proof reading it.? I should have listened to it and given it more time to sit. If I would have done that, maybe I would have noticed all of the changes I wanted to make to it earlier.