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Critiquing my sound project:

After struggling with all of the technology that I had to come to terms with to produce my first-ever sound project I was very pleased with the result. I was also satisfied by the feedback that I received from the class about the good sound quality of the piece and for creating the illusion of the Irish pub’s sonic atmosphere. This made me happy because, as I wrote in my sound piece introduction, my goal was to smoothly introduce the listener to the process of visiting an Irish Pub and make them enjoy and realize the beauty of the rich and diverse sounds.
If I had to do the project again I would have liked to have a bigger variety of sounds. Having more of a variety of sounds would have helped the feeling of moving in and out of focus on particular sounds more evident. I also would have tried to record the some sounds individually so that I would have had the possibility to include more clear sounds in the piece. Some of the sounds in the piece were mixed in with other sounds, and I would have liked to make them more evident, but was unable because they were attached to other sounds that I did not want to bring out.