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Eating With Your Very Own Furniture: Project 2 Final

For this project, I wanted to do something that was kind of strange, but also commented on the theme of being in a do-it-yourself culture. I find myself continually always wanting to comment on the "connivence" in our society, especially with food. For my audio project my initial idea was to record a dinner being made, however that idea didn't work out the way that I had planned. I still wanted to focus on the eating habits in our rushed society for the second project. "Eating With Your Very Own Furniture" brings up a point of etiquette and challenges the conventional concepts of "proper dinner manners" I also wanted to focus on the time factor with this project. In order to obtain a few bites of food with the process of using furniture, the task was slow and took several minutes. Although this is humorous, I wanted to push the limits and patients that people have while watching this. Eating in our society has become more of a chore in order to keep ourselves alive verses a social activity. along with the fast pace of the world and minute microwaveable dinners, I am nostalgic for the past that people use tho take in preparing a meal and sitting down as a family.